Saturday, January 07, 2012

Ah, Winter. Here You Go, Again.

Christmas and the Christmas Season for 2011 is officially over!

Oh, I know.   That's pretty boo hiss, I agree!

We are saying goodbye to that scary ass monkey...remember him? The Christmas Monkey with all knowing eyes who was ready to toss monkey poo at you if you misbehaved? Yeah... I know you didn't forget him.  How could you?

Especially since I've placed him here for you as a reminder!

We're also saying goodbye to the St. Nick Express that rolled in on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day delivering prezzies and fun.

And so, it's finally time to accept that we are in Winter.

I am finding that a little hard to acknowledge with it being 51 degrees out there today with lots of sun and that extra warmth.  Frankly, it felt like Spring.  I best not complain though before the ice starts kicking in from blizzards but maybe this is just how things are going to be for the next few months.

But then again, we haven't even seen February yet.  :::shudder:::

So just in case things start to get cold and wintry white, instead of being all depressed about being stuck inside your house, throw yourself a party!

Leading the charge on the blog is our very own Momiji Party Girl!

With boombox and smiles, she'll throw down the tunes for us to enjoy and be lively in the coming months.

Fret not.

It's a party up in this place.


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