Sunday, February 19, 2012

Before the New Thing Without a Special Designation Arrives...A Celebratory Send Off of that Old Thing with the Special Designation

Barring any madness, in a few days from now I will be the proud owner of a PsVita, gifted to me by my Brother Bunji as a Christmas presento-pyo for 2011.

As with most of my Sony products and electronics in general, there may have to be a replacement of said unit before the year is up as I am notoriously known for my bad electronic luck.

There'll be days of excitement as with any launch of new game system hardware for me as I play exciting new entries, have heartbreak playing others and the simple entertainment I get with outfitting a new system with junk.

Until such time, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on 45009, the Japanese Limited Edition Final Fantasy VII PSP bundle I sold bits of my life for to save from Ebay in 2008.

For nearly four years, I've had little 45009.  He went from being in a clear plastic case, showing off his beautiful art to a hard metal case showcasing Star Wars and some cleverly placed stickers.

In looking at his UMD case cover, it's clear he has seen better days.  The scratches and scuffs of being carried around in my bag are all there as ugly reminders that his case broke and he became susceptible to my heavy commute to and from work daily, being jostled about amongst a slew of other items.  He sure did travel a lot though, even making it to Trinidad and Tobago in 2009.

Dangling off his shell (because for some reason, a love of rice and cellphone straps represent my half-Asian blood best) are straps from Patapon, an Ulqiuorra strap I purchased whilst in Japan and a creepy metal hand replica of Allen Walker's hand in D. Gray-Man.  That thing freaks H1 out to this day but I guess you'd be creeped out too if I decided to scratch your arm with it like I do to her.

45009 was initially used quite heavily for Naruto and Bleach watching, amongst other anime I watched during my stints in 2008 and 2009.  It afforded me long sleepless morning commutes anxiously watching Monster (the best anime and best in television EVER).

Gaming wise, some of the best games I've played in recent years (and ever) were a part of its library.  I discovered some new series to love like Patapon and last year, played the ultra fabulous revamp of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Looking at my PSP game list does not reveal a library as extensive as my DS but that's not a downer on the quality of the games I've played on it as almost all I've played thus far gave me great memories (except maybe Hexyz Force.  Psh).

Eventually my PSP will be phased out but as with any console, the games will be cheap and I'll get to play it longer as I build up my library.

So it's not really farewell or it cannot be at least until Sony decides to give us that blasted Passport Program where I can re-buy my games I already own for a small fee.  Damn you, Sony! Don't you want my extra money?! I'm willing to give it to you even though you should be making it a free program, you jerks!

But in case I forget to do so when the time comes and sneaks up on me: thanks pretty silver thing.

Thanks for draining the battery every time you weren't in use and making me re-enter system systems for date and time upon turn on.

Thanks for that awful whirring noise you make in your UMD slot when a game is loading.  It scares me every time.

Thanks for letting me be the Great Znyx, leader of the Patapons and all-round fantastic deity.

Thanks for making me cry when Zack Fair took his final breath even though I knew it was coming 10 years prior to seeing his story fleshed out.

Thanks for Moogle Mail via Dissidia.

Thanks for the giggles with H1 as we watched Kon, swooned over our favourite Soul Society Captains, and sang J-Pop songs together from some of the opening and closing themes.

Thanks for traumatizing me with Monster.  No, really.  Thanks.  It gives me ammunition and has given me ammunition to torture others or at least, give Bughie J. something amazing to watch too.

Thanks for one of the best games I've ever played in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.  I think I may have thanked you for that before but you know, thanks again because it really was pretty great.

Thanks for helping me finish Final Fantasy Tactics, only 12 years in the making when I finally did I might add.  That allowed me to open up to play a whole new genre of games with the confident boost I got.  Wooo! Well...I still suck at them... but FFTactis is done and was amazing.

Thanks for keeping me entertained on the train these past few mornings and evenings whilst I play Trails in the Sky.  Thanks for same during my those long hours spent at the hospitals with Brother Bunji as he had his tests and subsequent successful surgery done.  (Thanks to H1 and the Super Mario 3D Land for time spent too though.  Stop hogging all the credit, PSP!).

But most importantly, thanks for helping to steady and occupy my mind if even for an hour a day during this less than pleasant week as we go through our difficult time with the senseless tragic loss of one of our cousins.  It's been a downright shitty week but the fleeting distractions when able were welcome.

Currently listening to: "Tears of the Moon" by Nobuo Uematsu, from the Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack.


  1. That claw is freaking me out as I look at it now.

    - H1, in Trinidad, freaked out.

    1. Maybe I can transfer the claw to the PSVita. Why should I deny you the claw?

      I should stop. saying. crazy. nonsense.

  2. Its beautiful to see a retirement of a loved system, I still use my Custom Firmware PSP for everything, even if most fileshare sights go down I still find a way to play the newest Japanese releases but it alone sadly hasnt pleased me enough, Im working on selling ALL of my anime and game collection to get a Brand new one, well still sealed, headphones, charm, game and all. Its exciting but Im worried about someone randomly snagging it for the price of 500, though Ill try to haggle for a couple hundred off, hopefully I can have my own tales as 27708, and of course, Custom Firmware it as well >x>

    1. Hi Alex and thanks for the comment.

      Yeah, I haven't put it on since I got the PSVita because I played Uncharted for a while. Been fiddling with Mutant Blobs Attack but right now I'm invested in Tales of the Abyss 3DS.

      What games and anime are you trying to sell?

      I hope you get a great deal and best of luck to you on that. I wanted the headphones too but I don't think I got them because it was so much more at the time if I recall correctly. I never used the charm because I wanted to keep everything in pristine condition (though what's the point? The system itself is scuffed! but ah, the memories).

      I sold a couple of games and anime myself to buy mine.

    2. Lets see, for Box sets, Strawberry Marshmallow, Galaxy Angel, Full Metal Panic S1 and FUMMOFU, and Cromartie High. First three volumes of Great Teacher Onizuka, and Lucky Star OVA for normal Anime DVD's. Then Love Hina Vol 1-5, Haruhi 1-3, Negima 1 and 2, Shin-Chan 2, Ichiroh 1, and Dot Hack Another Birth 1 in terms of Manga, Some PSP Game cases, The US Limited edition of Peace Walker, To Love Ru(PSP) and...some other PSP Date Sim some PSP game cases, and the biggest one, My Toradora Limited Edition Box Set, game included. Two Toradora Figures, some Final Fantasy Coke figures, Two Toradora Figures, and the Nendoroid of Kirino from My Little Sister cant be this cute. And the Limited Edition box set of Halo reach without the game...
      -takers a breath-

      Hopefully I will be able to earn enough money with all of it ^^; And once I get the CC PSP, and get the Custom Firmware on it, Im gonna probably sell my 3000 that I use now, and its three 4 GB sticks, since 97% of my PSP games are now ISO's ^^; I dont really want to use it too much but hell, Im gonna spend so much money on it, I plan to use it till it tries to die on me XD!

      I havent really looked into the Vita yet because Im still enjoying the games on the PSP...And my PS1 >> But as for now Ive finally gotten my hands on Black Rock Shooter, Yakuza Black Panther (Kurohyo Ryu Ga Gotoku) and the 2nd Haruhi Suzumiya game ^^; And Ive been playing my copy of FFVII in Japanese on my PS1...I guess Im just an old school gamer, but I also have to kinda try to get it cheap since Im planning on moving back to California in the next few months and all. It really is tough to be a fan sometimes.

    3. Wow, that is a lot of stuff! And all those anime I have not seen... heh. I used to watch a lot more anime but fell off for a while since I got back into gaming. For some reason I can only invest in one interest at any given time.

      Now that I have a Vita though, I feel as though I should start back again because there's lots I want to see.

      I do love "Love Hina" though! Good stuff but I've not read the manga.

      Which Coke FF figures and are you selling these things on ebay?

      I really do hope you get your PSP.

      I had no plans to get a Vita right away because I've so much to play for my other systems but my brother wanted to get it for me, so I accepted. I'm looking forward to a couple of games and really hoping they patch it soon to run the psone games. I'm a bit sad that I have most of my collection in UMD format so I cannot play them on the Vita but it's no big deal. I don't mind breaking out my trusty PSP again soon. I do have a lot of games to play still on that as well.

      I have no idea where my PS1 is and I lent my PS2 for my friend. Back in the day though, I did not have my own money to spend on games so my collection is actually quite small for those generations of consoles but it just made me treasure my old games so much more because I spent so much time with them. FFVII's one of my favourite games of all time but I always think that whatever Final Fantasy you played first, is the one you're going to love the most.

      Though I must admit, I think "Legend of Zelda: Mask of Majora" might be my favourite game of all time or at least, in a close race with FFVII. I'm hoping for a remake on the 3DS!

      Good luck on your move too.

    4. Yeah most of it was box sets that I obtained in the last year or so after a break up (Saved up over a grand to go see her, but it didnt work out...and as well, didnt think about getting the dang CC PSP at the time) so I bought a whole bunch of box sets and limited editions for two reasons. One, I wanted to enjoy them...two...I knew they would be worth more in the future!! And while I miss out on most anime that comes out nowadays, I try to keep up with one or two series every few months.

      And yes, Love Hina was my first Manga so its why I have the most volumes of it XD

      And lets see..Auron Chibi, FFVII Mog, Laguna Chibi and Normal, and Rinoa Chibi. I used to have many more but I lost them in a move sadly. I havent listed the stuff yet either sadly Im trying to find time to sit down and actually list them.

      And I do to, I will truly feel like one of the elite when I get it ^^;

      And yeah, FFVII was not only my first Final Fantasy but my first true 3D game, since before that I only had an SNES as a kid. I used to have huge collections of PS1 and PS2 games but in the same move that I lost the coke figures, I lost 90% of the games, actually..most of my stuff...lost my Buster Sword, Gunblade and my Masamune ^^; However slowly but surely, I rebuild, one piece at a time.

      And gah ._.; Ive fallen behind on Nintendo hand helds, last I had was a DS so I could play Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure cause I loved the game on the PS1.

      And thank you!

    5. Ooo, Auron Chibi and Mog! (Really disliked FFVIII a lot but I guess Laguna is cool enough).

      Whenever you get around to listing them, please feel free to send me a link so I can take a gander.

      Any anime you can recommend to me for this season? I wouldn't even know where to start nowadays.

      I don't think I know Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.

    6. -Hangs head- Well crap I talked to the guy that was selling it, lowest he'll go is 450 ._.; It really worries me and derails me from the goal, especially with the move in mind...-sighs- I dont know, Ill try and figure something out I suppose.

      And sure, Im gonna list it all tomorrow finally.

      For this season? Nothing new sadly, a series Im getting into now is Gurren Lagann, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is a good one, and WORKING!! is a good series as well!

      Its an old RPG that never really got popular but it was so cute and simple, it also had musical numbers!

  3. Oh no! Well, who knows, maybe you'll meet the target if you get all your things sold and still have enough to help with the move. But, I guess it is whatever the best decision for you is too. There may be another opportunity in the future. Sorry to hear though.

    I've seen "Gurren Lagann" which I really liked. It's not like me to enjoy mech related anime but Gurren had a fantastic soundtrack and did not take itself too seriously. I loved the art a lot too.

    I started watching "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt" but only got through the first episode. I wasn't sure how to feel about it but I'll give it another go.

    I'll check out "Working".

    Have you seen "Monster"? It is truly the greatest piece of media I've ever watched.

    Hmmm, I'll go read up on that Rhapsody game. It sounds cute!

    1. Mhm, I believe that the opportunity will come in the future if Im supposed to have it. Plus Ive wanted to get some Gurren Lagann stuff on Ebay as well ^^;

      Im only on episode 11 right now but its already tugged at my heart strings and really connected on some stuff for me. Its gonna drain some of my money already, so by the time of the series It may brake my wallet! XD;

      Its quite a bit of some adult humor, but there were a couple of tender moments in there.

      And WORKING!! is so cute! Its part slice of life but its about this guy who gets roped into working at a family restaurant by this cute 14 year old girl named Taneshima Poplar.

      And it is, the main girl uses puppets to help her fight enemies, she also uses magic to summon sweets to attack enemies as well! Its kind of the reverse of RPG's since its girl saving a prince.

    2. I've got two Gurren Lagann figures. Incidentally, Leeron was one of my favourite characters so I got a mini fig of him. So cute! Heh. You can see some picture I took here:

      I also got a Revoltech Gurren Lagann figure. I wanted other mini figures but that time has past now.

      What I really want is that Vash the Stampede from Trigun Revoltech figure.

      I rather enjoy slice of life anime so I'll definitely check out the one you are suggesting. Thanks!

      And re: Rhapsody, I wonder if I'll get lucky enough for it to be re-released on the psn. If not, I'll go hunting for something on ebay.

  4. Yaaah~ I LOVE Leeron! I was actually considering cosplaying him when I first saw him, but Im to big sadly, thus why I rarely cosplay ^^; But he is defiantly my favorite behind Kamina and after Nia.

    So much of the Gurren Lagann figures are expensive now ; n ; It makes it real hard to be in the fandom, and Ive seen the Vash figure, it looks cool! :O

    Mhm! K-On is slice of life musical and is pretty good, kinda Moe Blob but a Solid series as well!

    And lets see, The PS1 games should be kinda cheap...then there is the version on the DS that Im selling, and of course, well, if your PSP has CFW then you should be able to find the EBOOT for it x3 Oh! Here is the listing for the figures!

  5. Thanks for the link! I'll check it out sometime as well as your other listings.

    My friend love K-On but I never got around to watching it. So much anime, so little time!


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