Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Food Adventures, Now With 20% More Conveyor Belts

Come May of this year (come what May of this year?), it will be four years since Beetchie and I traipsed our way through Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Four whole years is unreal, isn't it?

It's a sad reminder that I've not done any overseas vacations in quite the while.  But never you mind me and my First World problems; I'll get by.

Kyoto gave us a lot of things to eat, now that I'm flashing back (not flash dancing because I don't do that, H1) to that time.

I finally got to live out an anime fantasy and eat manju from a street cart.  Well, it wasn't on the side of a rural road but it counted.  Not that it mattered because I ended up disliking the soy bean type powder coating on said sweet dumpling.  I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I was.

Then there was our kobe steak dinner which cost us a tasty arm and leg.  And let us not forget the BEST freaking movie popcorn I ever ate.  It was all caramel and amazing and I'll never get to re-live those good times again.

We had many a foodie adventure in Japan but there was one that involved Conveyor Belt Sushi at an awesome little place in the grand indoor/outdoor mall in Kyoto.

It was there that we ate plates and plates of sushi each.  It was incredible and incredulous how many plates of sushi we ate.  But what I was really thankful for other than the fabulous tasting meal was the fact that I did not have to take Beetchie to the hospital because she decided to eat fugu.

I had to make sure that at least one of us was not dying in the street so that said person could take the other to the hospital.  It certainly was a good thing too because she came out of there feeling slightly light-headed.  Oh, but for full disclosure, since I had no idea how to get to a hospital and the Japanese could not direct me to any place because they didn't know, I think things may have been grim for Beetchie.

Ah yes, those were fun times because no one lost an eye...or their life.

But a fugu event was not going to happen at my second outing at a Conveyor Belt Sushi restaurant because that happened just a few weeks ago at the Palisades mall.  I highly doubt I will ever find fugu at the Palisades Mall but then, I was highly doubtful that I'd find a Conveyor Belt sushi restaurant there either.  Oh, but we did and you know? East Japanese Restaurant wasn't too cringe worthy.

It really bothered me that we ended up not taking pictures of our plate stack at the end of our meal.  I did have quite the bit of breakfast before hand so I was not that hungry either and there was only so much H1 and BooHead could eat.  I just know it was no where near the amount in comparison to what Beetchie and I ate in Kyoto, which again, was such a staggering amount that it was insanity.

Though, due to the fact that the food was not horrendous and I was full at the time, I could probably go back there to get a better experience to write about.

Plus there was the mountain of sushi madness that we enjoyed in one of the dishes.

There were some disappointments though and that was the fatty tuna.  I'm not sure how fatty tuna could be a disappointment but it was and I was saddened.

The tempura shrimp sushi was pretty good too and then there was the kuro buta sausage.  Yeah, you read me right - berkshire.  pork.  sausage.


After that fanfare you would probably guess that I hearted it like I heart most things kuro buta but you would be incorrect.

It was actually a tad too salty for my liking and definitely had to be consumed with some white rice.

Oh, and speaking of white rice...while the sushi was okay but not mind-blowing (and I never expected it to be), a lot of that could be attributed to the fact that the sushi rice was not that good.  It's one thing to have a cut of fish but if your rice is a fail, then your sushi is a fail.

H1 particularly liked the space and decorum of the restaurant.  The bare walls were to her liking and considering how spacious it was in there, it was rather relaxing and pleasant to be there.

As I said before, I'd go back in the future whenever that may be because I really dislike a mall especially the Palisades but next time, I'll go with an empty stomach and I will also stay away from the Lego Store.  That's a whole other story but it's an evil, evil place...that will take my money in the Summer with the launch of the Lord of the Rings sets. precious.

Currently listening to: "Do Ya Thing" by Gorillaz.  I kinda like this song except a part near the end but why is Murdoc so mean to 2D?! He didn't deserve that limited edition Gorillaz converse to the head.  =(

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