Sunday, February 05, 2012

Let's Recap: Pork + Birthday = Tasty Love

What better way to celebrate a Birthday than with pork? (Answers to Rhetorical question need not apply).

It's true that Momma HOchie loves us.  However, I am beginning to suspect that she may love Papa HOchie the most and why shouldn't she?

Well...I mean, he did deny her rum cake at the airport in Trinidad that one time... perhaps she forgot that little incident but who am I to remind her? Especially when I would not have wanted to deny myself a participation in the awesome time meal that she prepared for him for his Birthday on Thursday last.

When we got home, we were greeted by Chinese style West Indian food of the epic variety.

Roast belly pork? Yes, please.
Black Beans belly pork? Hells yes, please.
Steamed egg with ground shrimp and pork? Need I even give an answer?
Shrimp chop suey? Is there pork? No? Well...yeah, okay.  I'll still eat some.
Chinese style Roasted Chicken? Wait...what? CHICKEN?! Madness! Get that outta here!
While those pictures may not have meant a lot to some and not the best pictures to represent just how fantastic a meal it was, I can assure you it was freaking awesome.

And in so, in recapping we have discovered that pork makes the world a better place.  Chicken, on the other hand, is an unnecessary type of thing when there's pork present.  But...oh, I see.  Mom didn't forget about the denial of rum cake after all and it's all evident by the presence of some chicken that she fed Dad.

Duly noted.

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