Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adventures in Restaurant Week: The Birdsall House

Earlier in the week, a loon at The Birdsall House told me that the restaurant was not participating in Hudson Valley's Restaurant week on Saturdays.

It was utter madness and as we found out later that week, it turned out to be completely untrue.

It was a good thing we decided to eat there on Saturday too because at $20.95 for a three course meal, it was not only really good but it was also a ton of food.

After eating, I felt as though I had robbed them.

To start with, H1 had the chicken liver pate with a cherry compote type thing.

It tasted quite livery but the sweetness of the cherry cut into it nicely.

I had a cup of chili which turned out to be a lie.  That was no cup! That was a meal in of itself.  It was smothered in way too much cheese but the taste overall was yummy times with huge chunks of meat and a good amount of spiciness.

the bottomless bowl of chili
I'm not sure how they expected me to eat anything after that supposed appetizer, but a pulled pork sandwich was waiting for me.

Though, it was not just any pulled pork sandwich but an amazing one that came on an almond, cranberry bread that had such a crunch and great taste to it that I could have eaten that alone.  Garlic aoili sauce was slathered on and the pork was juicy and flavourful.  It may have been too juicy because the bread got a bit soggy at the bottom but I ate it anyway.

Possibly one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten.
The meal came with a crap load of fries too which were fried to perfection - crunchy and still tasty after being cold.

H1 had the sweet potato mac n' cheese with bacon.  It was completely unexpected but the bacon was not crumbled into bits, instead there were full, crunchy strips laid out all delicious like on the top.

The sweet potato was infused into the sauce and were not actually those crunchy orange bits.  Those were...uh, just crunchy orange bits.
Then came dessert.

Dessert involved some a coffee chocolate cake with rocky road ice-cream, which turned to be the least impressive of the three.

Then there was a vanilla bean panna cotta with a passion fruit drizzle.  It was so creamy and beautiful, and a pleasant surprise that accompanied the dish were the kernels of pomegranate that were plated on the side.

A treasure trove of stuff!
And finally, there was a apple bread pudding with some very rum-upped sauce, candied walnuts and vanilla ice cream.  The bread pudding was warm, plentiful and fantastic.

At $20.95 per person, the meal already great on its own, just tasted so much better.

This would be the only jaunt we get to take for Hudson Valley's Restaurant Week but a pretty good one, if we do say so ourselves.


  1. The Apple Bread Pudding would have made the meal for me. Dang. I forgot all about this restaurant week business in my mad dash to complete classwork. I swear I'm reading about 400 pages a week and I'm completely skipping the reading for two classes because I just don't have time for it.

    1. How many credits are you taking?

      Restaurant week in NYC usually happens twice a year, so there should be another run sometime in the Summer, I believe.


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