Friday, March 23, 2012

Animal Uprising at the Bronx Zoo: Part III with The Ploy of Polar Puppies, Snow Leopards and the Most Fly Turtle EVA'

Leaving the alligators, crocodiles and all-seeing Madagascan animals behind, we made our way to the great outdoors to visit our friend the Polar Bear.

The polar bear was in a fabulous, playful mood though truth be told, he usually is.  Today though, he lured in his victims with his secret plans and clever tricks.

And while those other fools were "oooo-ing" and "aaahh-ing", I was quietly taking pictures and keeping one eye open, readying myself to run the hell out of there if need be.  Note: Please click the pictures to enlarge.
Bear paws the best
A stick with which to amuse oneself.  Very nice.

Oh, what's this? You have a ball?

Don't eat it! You'll choke! And I don't know the Heimlich! At least, I wouldn't jump in there to save your life even if I did, for fear of my own...

Wait, you just love your little ball? D'Awww... I mean, ::one eye on you::


Wait, what?


So I admit it, I was one of those loons lured in by the cuteness of a polar bear tossing a ball.  He continued this madness for quite the while until I finally came to my senses and left the rest of the human seals to be food.

We then found ourselves at the snow leopard's enclosure and for once, one of those little bastards was sitting right on a rock near the fence, enjoying his time in the shade.  He was none too interested in the peons but really, I'm not too sure the peons were interested in him either.

"And what?"

"Bleh.  Smells like peons"
Around the corner was more evidence of a slaughtering... or was it? It seemed awfully conveniently placed.  It was almost as if a joker of a snow leopard was having a little fun.

Perhaps too much fun.
As I probably mentioned before, many of the exhibits were not open yet due to the time of year - the Asian Monorail tour, the Children's Zoo and the Butterfly Garden were all closed - but it did make for a nice, cool yet sunny, pleasant and comfortable jaunt through the zoo.

Sadly closed
There is a Wild Asia indoor exhibit room near the monorail which we visited.  As H1 said, it is one of the best exhibits at the zoo.  It's muggy as hell in there but it is truly interesting and we love it plenty.  There are many beady-eyed monkeys to see, and of course, the fliest of fly turtles eva'.

and whatever these things are that are showing me their asses.  I can't escape my destiny.
The perfect Saturday Morning.  Maybe.
With mediation.
and hairy eye-balling.  Alright old man, I'll stop looking at you, if you stop looking at me.

And tell your friend to stop being so blasted rude.

Mom says keep it down.  Baby Panther is sleeeeping.
What do you suppose they are looking at? And should I be concerned?
How fortunate for this kid to be outside looking in.

Tell me that isn't one Fly River Turtle?!

You can't because that's what it's called.  But really, look at how fly he is, as H1 would say.

I, of course, love the piggy nose.
And the goofy face with tongue this particular one had.
And that was our trip to the zoo and all its glorious Misadventures.  If you are not convinced by now that there is something amiss, don't come crying to me when the Animal Uprising occurs in the near future.  If you're at the zoo while it happens then... at least you might be the lucky ones being the first to go.  And I would envy you.

Though I hear the HOchieS may be having a grand misadventure there again in the next two weeks.

I would be telling an untruth if I said I was not frightened.

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