Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Round of Ass-Hattery

The abuse continues in this installment of Fortune Cookie Ass-hattery.

In this first fortune, there's not much abuse to be found here.  I did reflect on the number of new people I've met and have tried to think of what realizations or big issues have come along with meeting them.  Then it hit me that the fortune is rubbing it in my face.  We met A of Kels and A fame, who we recently met up with during their honeymoon trip.  The big realization was the fact that here in the U.S.A. unlike Australia and other countries, we do not have the option to book World Trip tickets.

It reminds me that I am a lowly peon in Corporate America.


The other new people we met at Thursday night's The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys concert were cool though.  No insults there.

Fortune Cookie No. 2 very much reinforces the sad realization of Fortune Cookie No. 1.  We'd like some outside riches too, please.  It couldn't hurt to make our inside ones be a little more sparkly.

Stop bullsharting us.

Again with the BS of Fortune Cookie No. 3 and it's "Inside" wisdom.  I certainly don't feel any joy at the moment, what with your assness!

And finally...

I happened upon Fortune Cookie No. 4 whilst rummaging through a coat pocket of a coat I had not worn since warmer weather last year.  I completely forgot about, I guess and with good reason.

I wish to forget about it once more.

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