Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Anxiety of Spring

Once again Spring is upon us and once again, I start getting anxiety ridden.  The thought of Summer around the corner is enough to make this Autumn and Winter loving girl feel sick!

In fact, I am actually home today with a cold.

I'm fairly certain the coming of Spring had nothing to do with that but rather the sickness blame game could be placed on the germs of others.

We are well into a day and then some into Spring 2012 so we are saying "The Party's Done, Winter Party Girl; So Get the Heck Out!".

Apparently she kept it upbeat a little too well in NYC because we barely had a winter in which to mourn dark, snowy and freezing nights.  I'm sure H1 would say that you did a fine job in that regard but I say, watch me ever utilize you for a blog banner again.

Let us take a moment to remember her happy face and her booming boom box...

Aaaaannnnnd...there she goes.

That's right, I said to get out.
Instead, let's say hi to Spring here at the HOchieS' Blog.  Let's say hi to its allergens, its blossoms, its warmer days, its rainy disposition and its bees. bees.

Happy Spring, Everyone.

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