Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy H1's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day to all!

On this day, everyone should be celebrating H1's day unless you would like to be given the evil eye.  Such is the fate I met this morning when I needed to be reminded that I had not wished her greetings today.

It was scary for me.

Anyway, everyone's a little bit Irish on St. Patty's Day! This is why we spent our day eating St. Patty's Day Dim Sum.

What's that? You find that sentiment ridiculous and not very Irish of us?

If you don't think about it too much, it makes perfect sense.  Plus I'm hoping the lot of you are so drunk from your own bastardizations of St. Patty's Day activities that every thing I say is a sensible green... Green like the money you're about to give me.  Hooray!


If you are reading this while you're sober then please enjoy these dim sum pictures I took at our trip to Aberdeen, a dim sum house located in White Plains.  They're expensive as all hell and it's not the best dim sum I've put into my mouth but they're decent and close enough for me to keep visiting.  I may have spoken about them in the past but I can't recall.

Pork spare rib tips (upper right), soup dumplings (upper left), shrimp dumplings and a pot of tea.  Figure out which is which from that! ...
pork shumai (front), and seafood shumai
soup dumplings that were not really soupy.  A shame, really even if they are a tasty shame.  The shame is in the fact that they could taste even better.
The insides of a curried chicken pie.  I had to have Luuuiiiisss eat one before I told him what it was.  If there's one thing H1 does not like, it's any curry other than West Indian curry.  Luuuiiisss is not a fan of curry on a whole, so I had to be a jerk about this.  At least he wouldn't give me the evil eye.
Ah, shrimp dumplings.
The almighty taro puff (left) and the almighty beef ball (right).  They did us dirty twice here though because they did not give us the worcestershire sauce on the beef balls, nor did they cut our taro puffs in half.  What? I'll complain if I want to.  It's tradition, people! Not to mention and incomplete dish on the part of the beef ball.  Yeesh.  Still tasted good though.
The glorious, if even not beautiful looking, insides of a taro puff.

It's made of love.  See it?
Custard buns are made with the kind of love one might get from a granny - all warm, tender, sweet and thoughtful.  Though, not MC's granny.  That's a whole other shenanigan.  See? I managed to get some Irish terms in a dim sum post.  Happy St. Patty's Day to you too!
We ate other things I was too hungry to photograph - like chicken feet and shrimp noodles, and we left there stuffed.  It was a bad stuffing though and we blame the bubble teas for sending us over the edge.

So there you have it! A St. Patty's Day Dim Sum extravaganza with the HOchieS!

Oh, fine then.

Will it make you happier if we told you we actually had a mini-Irish breakfast this morning full of sausages, blood puddings, egg, tomatoes and Irish ham purchased from a purveyor in a certified Irish neighbourhood?

Well we did.  I do not have photos to show for it but my Irish eyes are smiling and I can never tell a lie.

Or something like that.

P.S. I also can tell you that I was not drunk on Japanese beer when I wrote this.

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