Saturday, March 03, 2012

Ridiculous Sightings in Retail: Key Jobs and Pancakes

Since 2012, the HOchieS have been putting people out of a job.

We're heartless bastards but can you really blame us or the crazy automatic key maker we found in Lowes?

With options to watch your key being made, "guaranteed to work" and the stylish, uh...very Patriotic, Americana key print designs... was kinda hard to not want to put people out of jobs.

Ugh, we felt horrible.  As if to rub salt in the wound, an older gentleman walked by and muttered quite angrily under his breath, "Pretty soon robots will replace humans."  He must have been a key maker in his day.

But did he take credit, have touch screen capabilities and thanked me for my purchase?! Well, maybe he would have thanked me.  But that's not the key point!

We felt accomplished making our own keys and they were pretty.

And yes, everything about this post is wrong.

But not as wrong as what we did after, which was to break CLee's heart.

Sorry, CLee, but we went to IHOP without you.

Yep, that's us.  The HOchieS are making people jobless and breaking hearts since 2012.

Currently listening to: "R U Mine?" by Arctic Monkeys.  I'm a little bit conflicted.  The unnecessary use of text speak in "R U" is something that angers me.  That aside, the song is pretty great.  Hope they play it in 19 days.  Well, I hope I go in 19 days.


  1. The jobless thing, since 2012. The breaking hearts thing, at least 1975.

  2. Oh, that was me, H1, from before.

    You know what else we did? We killed Bloggie Boo's voice with this new double word verification where the words are not even remotely good.

    - H1

    1. It's true, you have been breaking hearts for a while. Shame on you, H1. Shame on you.

      I had no idea the blog was subjected to such rubbish since I've not had to do a word verification.

      Maybe the blog is sleeeeping. He'll be back.


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