Monday, March 05, 2012

Valentine's Day at the Hospital and at Kati

It may come as no surprise that Valentine's Day means nothing to The HOchieS, other than our recognizing that it is a horrible, vomit-inducing marketing scheme for a waste of red paper and the gifting of poor quality chocolates.

We don't do much by way of celebrating the day but we do bah humbug it quite a bit.  For instance, I gave H1 a really depressing and disturbing anime box set of Mushi-shi (go watch it for those of you who don't know it! It's uplifting and won't make you cringe or cry.  Honest!).

And she gave me diddly squat.

H-hey...what the Math?!

Newly found bitterness towards H1 aside, we spent our Valentine's Day at the hospital.

Our brother Bunji had some surgery to undergo and being the good sisters that we are, we were there to support him.

Newly found bitterness towards Bunji aside because I'm not sure he thanked me for missing two days of work; H1 and I had a day at the hospital full of jokes, tiredness, occasional anxiety and expensive meals.

For breakfast, we found a bagel place that served up some good sandwiches and bagels.  It's flaws though were in the nasty attitude of one of the owners, the extremely expensive prices and the fact that there was no bacon to be had.

For a late lunch/early dinner, we found ourselves wandering around near St. Marks.  The takoyaki stand, Bonchon, Kenka and everything food mecca was a little too far away from the hospital to visit due to limited time to our next visiting stint with Bunji post surgery.

So we wandered a bit and came across a Thai restaurant called Kati.

The place seemed uncluttered and interesting enough to take a gamble, so gamble we did.

We really liked the inside, actually.
Taste wise, it was no Pongsri, but I am not expert on Thai food having only really tried two places in my short life time of eating Thai food.

But it was okay.  It was satisfying enough to feed me without it being a complete waste of space and to try once but not enough to go running back.  Though, if I stumbled upon it again and had nothing else going on, I might be inclined to re-visit.

One of the good things about Kati was the service.  Attentive and polite, that was a nice change from the sometime-ish behaviour I can get at Pongsri.

We opted to go with a lot of appetizers with some were actually pretty good while others were less than impressive.

To start, I had the Deep Sea Sake.  At $6.00 it was a mix of sake, cream soda syrup, sprite and lime juice that really need more sake, now that I think about it.  Though, it can be said of me that I see "cream soda" and I get a little stupid.  For some, they get stupid over cornmeal dumplings, for me it's pork.  And apparently cream soda.

It was an oddly familiar taste and probably the kind I used to mix up myself as a kid.  I was a bit of a Mixologist in my youth in both Primary and High School.  True story but once I mixed a concoction that contained soda, juice and a barfi (Indian sweet).  It was yummy and not at all gross.  IN THEORY it's gross but in taste, wow.  If only I could remember what it was I did.  All I remember is that it turned out pink.

These hidden traits of mine I probably acquired from Momma HOchie, known for mixing up some red solo and evaporated milk.  Sadly, these days I only spend my time mixing up every kind of fountain soda, juice and tea offerings one might find at a fast food chain.

H1 had a Thai iced bubble tea.  It was way sweeter than most I've had but also very heavy on the tea taste and it worked well.  It was pretty great, actually.  It could have been less sweet but for making it actually taste like tea was a huge plus.

We have come to love the Golden Triangles at Pongsri and have made it a life mission to try those curried puff pastries wherever we go.  They were quite different here at Kati but not in a bad way.  They were airy yet greasy and a completely different texture from the ones we're used to.

The spring rolls we ordered were really good.  One of the other things we liked about Kati was how fresh everything was.  It was probably due to the fact that it was relatively early and it was the first batch of fresh oil for cooking.

Our next appetizer was a shrimp inspired thing.  I do not recall the proper name but it was not recommended.  It is basically a shrimp wrapped in an egg roll skin but it was tasteless.

Fried calamari and chicken kati roll thingies made its way to our table.  H1 did not like the calamari while I thought they were decent.  What could not be disputed was that it was a huge portion.  The chicken rolls, while beautifully plated like everything else at Kati (their dishes had unique shapes that were aesthetically interesting in their curves), were probably the worst thing we had.

They were pretty but sadly not good on taste.

It being still within the luncheon period, we ordered a lunch special of Thai red curry chicken.  Pongsri still wins this dish but Kati's was not horrendous.  The curry could have been a little bit thicker, perhaps but a huge bowl of the stuff with white rice is sometimes all you need.

Other than pork and cream soda, there's another thing I see that makes me get a little stupid and that is custard.  If a glorious creme brulee is on a menu, then I must try it.  This one was touted as a pandanas creme brulee and I had enough room to try it.

It was a bit on the watery, runny side and not as firm as I like my creme brulee but taste wise, it was yummy with a twist of an earthy type of flavour from the pandanas which was ever so slight and worth the eating.

It even came with a raspberry heart sauce.  Stupid Valentine's Day! Ah, well.  It was cute of them to do that.

The Address and other Information:

Address:    347 East 14th St # 1, 
                 New York, NY 10003
Telephone: (212) 533-2046


  1. You might as well have given me d-squat having "gifted" me with traumatic events via Mushi-Shi. You know what else you gave me? a near death experience with that creme brulee and the pandanas which scratched my throat.

    Happy Valentine's Day my arce.

    - H1

    What I did there, yes, you saw it.

    1. I did see what you did there. I did.

      Does it not count that I tried to make for my misgivings by giving you the latest Buffy issue and an awesome Adventure Time shirt?

    2. Umm, just as the day after my birthday is not my birthday mum; the WEEKS after St. VD is not VD, shista.


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