Friday, March 09, 2012

Zarnyx: The PSVita Edition

In the week and a half since I've had the PSVita, I've outfitted it with wallpaper but not wrist straps or figures.

That's not wowing you, is it?
It's wowed a few people and myself with the giant impressive, beautiful, sharp screen.  I've messaged friends and found a startling 11 people playing nearby my home location (that was scary!) the first night I had it using the built-in feature "Near".

I uploaded the new Gorillaz video for "Do Ya Thing" on it to see that brilliant screen in action and wept while 2D got whacked on the head unfairly.

I've coaxed H1 into playing some Mutant Blobs Attack (but she does not enjoy it and will not be re-visiting) and I've *finished* Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

I say *finished* because I did not get nearly as many trophies as I had liked and might be inclined to complete some quests.

Briefly on Uncharted: GA, I really rather liked the game.  Drake is great as per usual and Sully was funny.  I may not have liked new character Chase that much but what I did like was the adventuring to collect all those things.  I liked the touch puzzles but I did not so much enjoy rowing a canoe.  Oh, and I hated crossing beams.  You showed me once, maybe twice but don't make me balance myself so many times just to show off the tilt capabilities of the system.

The game could have benefited from fewer crass jokes (they're not always this crass, I don't think) but all in all, Bend Studio made a decent entry to the series and hell, if Naughty Dog were to do full development on one it'd probably be guaranteed to be that much more amazing.  So thanks TD5 for my Christmas prezzie! It was well enjoyed.

The other thing that happened to my PSVita on the 3rd day of ownership was that it was spotted by someone on the train who felt compelled to talk to me about it.

He tapped me on the shoulder from behind and asked if I was "enjoying that thing?"

"Yeah, sure," I shyly and cautiously muttered.

Sensing my unwillingness to chat, he quickly added, "...I work for Sony and you're the first person I've seen with it outside of retail, so I just had to talk to you to see if you liked it."


A Suit from Sony had accosted me.

The chat was brief.  I told him it was beautiful and he pitched how many sales it had made worldwide since the launch in the U.S.  He told me to enjoy.

I felt pressured.

Knowing that a Suit from Sony was sitting within viewing distance suddenly made me very self-conscious of how well I was performing in Uncharted: Golden Abyss and suddenly, those cliffs looked mighty tall and easy to fall off.  And people shooting at me got infinitely better.

Who knew I would freeze under pressure?!

The best part of the whole story though was when I got to work, I realized that he had probably seen my beautiful, multiple wallpapers of NINTENDO's The Legend of Zelda on my SONY Product.



I have no regrets!

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