Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things, Series v. 2.0 (The Precursor of Things to Come)

My foray into replaying the Jak and Daxter series in its glorious HD re-release made me come to a few realizations.

1. 10 years after the fact, I really enjoyed the first game a lot more than I did back then.  I loved it then but I was so much more enthralled by it this time around.  It may be in part to how accomplished I felt collecting everything and earning my first (and possibly only) Platinum Trophy.  Trophies are silly little things sometimes and getting them all in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is really not that big a deal.  Truly, anyone could do that.

2.  With my broader gaming knowledge of different genres (but no, not an expert by any means), one of my favourite games in Jak II has me just a tad big frustrated on the replay.  You know, it's not that it's not fun still because it is but talk about annoying at times! Controlling vehicles in that game makes me want to fling controllers.  I don't know if my tolerance for pain and patience was higher back in the day or if my skills were just better.  I'm amazed I even finished the game the first time. 

But, my love for those stupid two characters is as great as ever because they are wonderful.

3.  I began a little Series entitled A Few of My Favourite Things in 2010 to discuss some things I used to love when I was younger.  Series 1 was all about my Original Army of Misfits, while Series 2 dealt with just a few games I played and loved during the period 1997 through 2005.

My intention was to write about more recent times and interests in that vein but I never got around to it.  Really this endeavour will give me an excuse to mess around with my macro lens and write at length about various things for my own guilty pleasure and because I like hearing myself speak.

Since I haven't really formulated a plan yet as to how to begin, I'm leaving this post here as incentive to get on it and get those zombie creative cells to shamble along slowly and noisily in my brain until maybe Saturday.


Ah, First World problems.  Gotta love them.

Currently listening to: "Basement" by Shoji Meguro, from the Persona 3 Original Soundtrack.  Here's another game I've decided to play, since I got near the end and never finished.  Again I find myself appreciating it quite the lot and more so this time around.  It also does have a fantastic soundtrack (except for those times when I feel embarrassed at outsiders listening...like H1.  She must judge me).  I cannot wait to play Persona 4: The Golden whenever that is released.

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