Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sometimes They Forget

I had a very interesting conversation with Beetchie yesterday and it seems that she may have lost her marbles for a minute.

She seems to have forgotten that I can be quite evil.

To help remind her (although I did a fine job of that yesterday when I referenced a certain flower girl and a Masamune), I will present to her some pictures of delicious times H1 cooked and we indulged in some weeks ago.

Why yes, those are pictures of curried crab and dumplings.

No worries though, Beetchie, as we will make some more when you return.  Perhaps we might even be able to find a Carib to go with.  

 But just so you are reminded as to the extent of my evil, by posting these pictures I'm not only being a jerkface to you but possibly to X as well.

It's only unfortunate this does not affect MC, as he is still allergic to shellfish.

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