Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today's Thursday is in fact one of the crappiest in recent memories.

I just found out as I was writing Thor's Day that Beetchie was injured in a horse incident today which resulted in three of her ribs being broken.  As horrible as it already is, we can only be thankful that it was not worse because it certainly could have been.  =( 
We love you, Beetchie.

Thor's Day

Everything about this day has been off.

Of all the days of the week, Thursdays are the days I hate the most.  This has been ongoing for some years now but it always seems like bad things happen on Thursdays, at least in my mind.

That bad feeling I just could not shake was not helped any by the news that a gunman tragically took the life of 5 people in Seattle yesterday.  My very great Gen' Frien' lives out there and thankfully, she is fine but it turns out the area in which the incidents occurred is one she frequents and almost did yesterday.

Frass is also well, having not heard from him in days after the zombie incident - another sad and scary event.

When I got to work and to cheer my spirits, roommate TonA had written "It's Thor's Day!" and scribbled a lightning bolt on our community white board (she has been a constant ear to my ramblings about anything and everything Loki/Tom H. and we have bonded solidly for the past month over Avengers).

Side Note: Last week for Fleet Week, I drew a Sailor.  Or... a Sailor Madeleine.  With a boomerang.

In keeping with bad drawing tradition, I decided at 8:45 this morning to poorly sketch a Thor.

Those aren't khakis but Pajama Pants.  Halloween plans to go as Thor and Loki in Pajamas are underway for TonA and I.

For my efforts, I received an "F- -" from H1.

But the true "F - -" moment came when Alex made a sighting as to a tall, blonde celebrity outside our building while one of our co-workers spoke to him.

And we later found out that it was indeed Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.


Freakin' THOR was in my building and I had a missed opportunity to have him sign my Thor dog tag that I've had on my person for the past month.  And I missed my opportunity to tell him that while he was good in Avengers, my favourite was Tom.  Because I'm a fool who would say that and profess my obsession with the God of Mischief to the God of Thunder.

Six Degrees of Separation, I guess.

Me ---> Co-Worker G.Med ----> Thor/Chris Hemsworth ----> Loki/Tom Hiddleston + ???? = Profit

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Brunch at Birdsall House

It has been decided that the HOchieS do not approve of brunch as a meal.  It is too filling and messes up your eating pattern for the rest of the day.

But if you asked me to go back to Birdsall House this Sunday for a $19 pre-fixe Brunch outing, I would do so quite willingly.

For $19, the meal comes with a starter and main course with your choice for a complimentary bloody mary, mimosa or beer.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Knockin' About on Rainy Mondays and Tuesdays, Part II

In this Tuesday recap of a Rainy Day Knock About, there was not much H1, Ren, J and I did or anything fabulous to talk about.

It really rained on us that morning as we headed down to 34th street but it was what we found on the way that is truly worth showing.

This movie poster was at the 49th Street Underground Subway Station.  I know nothing of this movie but I had no idea that the awesome man with the awesome name was in it:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Everyone!

And by everyone, I mean Luuuuiiiissss and X.

I hope lots of prezzies come your way today especially for M and Moodou's sakes or else there'll be a hard hand smack waiting in the wings for you guys later this morning.

I'm certain that will not be cute.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Knockin' About on Rainy Mondays and Tuesdays, Part I

The last time Ren and J waltzed through town, it was more of a whirlwind than anything.

The HOchieS spent many a night and day time running about going to restaurants, and additionally we caught a play and walked through a Street Fair (which we actually did separately but...things were going on is my point!).

Best of all, we had a great time then spending quality moments with funny friends and jumped at the chance to do so again this past Monday and Tuesday.

Monday night we went to Del Frisco's Grille for dinner.  I've yet to go to the steakhouse itself but the Grille just opened not too long ago and with a more varied selection with cheaper meal options, we decided to check it out.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Work and fun can never mix...unless you're a clown." - Finn & Jake, Adventure Time.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Memories, Man.

I've written before about the supreme wonderfulness that is Animal Crossing.

One such reason contributing to its greatness was the fact that at every hour during the day (in real time, mind you), the background music would change and you could run in the fields looking for accursed dragon flies to catch or digging up bells under peach trees you planted near your house.

Ever relaxing and charming, the music of Animal Crossing had its hand in forcing me to stay awake and keep playing for a 24 hour period just to I could experience different hours of the day and hear what awesome music awaited me from hour to hour.

Well, I may not have actually done a 24 hour marathon of play time but I did play over the course of my AC gameplay lifetime at least once every hour to have a complete experience.

The ridiculousness of that statement solidifying the addictive properties of that game can only be understood by someone who played that golden treasure of a game.

But anyway, I just discovered (thanks to Kotaku and an awesome insane person who too understands my ramblings) possibly the GREATEST.  THING.  EVER.

If you click right here, it will take you to a wonderful site that figures out where in the world you are and what time zone you are in.

It will then begin playing music from Animal Crossing that matches the music that would be playing if you were in the game at that very hour.

Do you know what this means?

This means that tomorrow when I'm having a hellified time at work, I can have my very own soundtrack playing in the background!

I might not be fishing or digging up fossils but no matter!

My life is about to be soundtracked and I cannot wait for 1 p.m.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Obsessions of the Week: The Ridiculous Edition

So, it's been over a year since I posted any obsessions of the week.

As Boobey has pointed out, many of my actions that involve my not wanting to do something is probably due to the fact that I am..."Laaaaaaaa...".  If you are smart like my BooHead, you will not finish the sentence by saying I am "lazy" after you feel the daggers that are my eyes upon you.

You wouldn't be wrong necessarily because goodness knows I've had PLENTY to obsess over in the past year but it would be unkind to call me lazy.

With that out of the way, you may now look to the right-hand side of the blog again this very day and see that I have finally removed the fact that I was obsessing over my N3DS (which I still do but I am on a current PSVita kick), Being Human (which I watched the first two episodes of this new season and it was um.  Stupid.), and Adam from Being Human (who I might still obsess over if I saw him in anything but since that has not been the case, I have not obsessed).

Who I have been obsessing over in a ridiculous dosage these past few days is Tom Hiddleston.

Like many others, I've caught some sort of nasty Avengers bug.  I will tell you that I saw the movie in support of Joss Whedon.  I went to the theatre, with my Firefly tee shirt on and I lowered my expectations (not because I thought he would disappoint but I do that for all movies).

In doing so, I came away with a genuinely fun experience at a very fun movie.  It was funny by being Whedon-esque and it was complete eye candy for me, who loves a villain.

(If you have not yet seen it, you really should.  That means you, FRASS, who could not even write me back to make plans to go see it last weekend! Though I'd be game to see it again, honestly).

As Bughie J., H1 and a few others have pointed out - you throw a dark-haired (or silver-haired), pale, skinny British boy/villain at me and I will be hopelessly consumed by said villain.  It's "a well-established weakness".

I've always been a bit of a Norse and Greek Mythology junkie in my youth, and Loki has always been a favourite character of mine.  He's so...mischievous.

But then! You give me Tom Hiddleston as Loki and it's all over.  Sure, Tom Hiddleston seems very unlike his character in that he is humble, soft spoken, classically trained in Theater Arts and funny (okay, Loki's funny too) and sure his hair is not jet black, long or crazy looking in real life as his mythical counterpart...but it no longer matters because I lurve him.  Tom, that is.

And it has gone somewhat unspoken this past year and then some but I have taken a break from M. Bells at the atrocity of his arseness with that evil b. K.Unmentionable. Hud. 

It's over.

And it might be over with Alex Turner as well since he's currently dating someone with Gingivitis.

So, I have to change my name.

No longer will I be "Ashoell" or "Ho Bell".

What do you guys think of...



Friday, May 04, 2012

May the Fourth

Normally, I'd be in a good mood and say to you all, "May the Fourth Be With You" and truly, the day started out that way with all my good intentions bestowed on many.

But then I found out that Adam "MCA" Yauch died.

Like many others, the HOchieS are a sad lot right now and we're leaving a good memory here of one of the best live performances we've ever seen on TV and MTV even, when that stupid channel was still about music and still had the sense to showcase the extreme talent from Brooklyn that was the Beastie Boys.

This weekend, H1 and I are going to boot up Rock Band in honour of MCA and while we're not going to do it justice, that won't be due to the fact that we're trying to disrespect but it's definitely due to the fact that "Sabotage" just cannot get any more bad-assed than it already is.

Rest in Peace, Adam.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

I could not let May come around and I don't wish good luck to everyone, right?

So good luck all - I know the year hasn't been the best for many so far but we can always hope for better days.
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