Sunday, May 20, 2012

Knockin' About on Rainy Mondays and Tuesdays, Part II

In this Tuesday recap of a Rainy Day Knock About, there was not much H1, Ren, J and I did or anything fabulous to talk about.

It really rained on us that morning as we headed down to 34th street but it was what we found on the way that is truly worth showing.

This movie poster was at the 49th Street Underground Subway Station.  I know nothing of this movie but I had no idea that the awesome man with the awesome name was in it:

Bwahahaha.  Someone out there has a great sense of humour to stick this on the poster.  Ah, whoever you are, that was a fine job and a good laugh we had.  Thanks.

After bidding goo'day to Ren and J., H1 and I trudged to Shake Shack for lunch but it was way too crowded and instead ran off to have a green tea ice-cream at Cafe Zaiya.  It was good times but not really a lunch, so when we rolled back home we went to Kathleen's Tea Room.

We all had the usual scone with clotted cream and raspberry jam goodness.  Papa HOchie who was also with us had a pot of Kyoto Sencha green tea.  It smelt awesome and tasted beautiful.

I have yet to take X there but shhhh, don't remind her.

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