Friday, May 04, 2012

May the Fourth

Normally, I'd be in a good mood and say to you all, "May the Fourth Be With You" and truly, the day started out that way with all my good intentions bestowed on many.

But then I found out that Adam "MCA" Yauch died.

Like many others, the HOchieS are a sad lot right now and we're leaving a good memory here of one of the best live performances we've ever seen on TV and MTV even, when that stupid channel was still about music and still had the sense to showcase the extreme talent from Brooklyn that was the Beastie Boys.

This weekend, H1 and I are going to boot up Rock Band in honour of MCA and while we're not going to do it justice, that won't be due to the fact that we're trying to disrespect but it's definitely due to the fact that "Sabotage" just cannot get any more bad-assed than it already is.

Rest in Peace, Adam.

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