Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Obsessions of the Week: The Ridiculous Edition

So, it's been over a year since I posted any obsessions of the week.

As Boobey has pointed out, many of my actions that involve my not wanting to do something is probably due to the fact that I am..."Laaaaaaaa...".  If you are smart like my BooHead, you will not finish the sentence by saying I am "lazy" after you feel the daggers that are my eyes upon you.

You wouldn't be wrong necessarily because goodness knows I've had PLENTY to obsess over in the past year but it would be unkind to call me lazy.

With that out of the way, you may now look to the right-hand side of the blog again this very day and see that I have finally removed the fact that I was obsessing over my N3DS (which I still do but I am on a current PSVita kick), Being Human (which I watched the first two episodes of this new season and it was um.  Stupid.), and Adam from Being Human (who I might still obsess over if I saw him in anything but since that has not been the case, I have not obsessed).

Who I have been obsessing over in a ridiculous dosage these past few days is Tom Hiddleston.

Like many others, I've caught some sort of nasty Avengers bug.  I will tell you that I saw the movie in support of Joss Whedon.  I went to the theatre, with my Firefly tee shirt on and I lowered my expectations (not because I thought he would disappoint but I do that for all movies).

In doing so, I came away with a genuinely fun experience at a very fun movie.  It was funny by being Whedon-esque and it was complete eye candy for me, who loves a villain.

(If you have not yet seen it, you really should.  That means you, FRASS, who could not even write me back to make plans to go see it last weekend! Though I'd be game to see it again, honestly).

As Bughie J., H1 and a few others have pointed out - you throw a dark-haired (or silver-haired), pale, skinny British boy/villain at me and I will be hopelessly consumed by said villain.  It's "a well-established weakness".

I've always been a bit of a Norse and Greek Mythology junkie in my youth, and Loki has always been a favourite character of mine.  He's so...mischievous.  So...fun.

But then! You give me Tom Hiddleston as Loki and it's all over.  Sure, Tom Hiddleston seems very unlike his character in that he is humble, soft spoken, classically trained in Theater Arts and funny (okay, Loki's funny too) and sure his hair is not jet black, long or crazy looking in real life as his mythical counterpart...but it no longer matters because I lurve him.  Tom, that is.

And it has gone somewhat unspoken this past year and then some but I have taken a break from M. Bells at the atrocity of his arseness with that evil b. K.Unmentionable. Hud. 

It's over.

And it might be over with Alex Turner as well since he's currently dating someone with Gingivitis.

So, I have to change my name.

No longer will I be "Ashoell" or "Ho Bell".

What do you guys think of...



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