Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Brunch at Birdsall House

It has been decided that the HOchieS do not approve of brunch as a meal.  It is too filling and messes up your eating pattern for the rest of the day.

But if you asked me to go back to Birdsall House this Sunday for a $19 pre-fixe Brunch outing, I would do so quite willingly.

For $19, the meal comes with a starter and main course with your choice for a complimentary bloody mary, mimosa or beer.

It was spicy, good and sufficiently vodka'd up.   They're all about the alcohol over there at Birdsall.
Also good.  X, you would have fun here.
The choices were plentiful with H1 going with the chicken liver pate, Luuuiiiiisss going with the cup of chili (which was actually a cup this time and not an entire other meal), and I had the seasonal fruit with yogurt.

It must be that the people at Birdsall are quite the jokers because there was nothing Seasonal about my fruit.  Sure, seasonal for Autumn perhaps but we're nearing Summer at this point.  I expected strawberries, blueberries, raspberries! Smurfberries?

Instead I was met with apples and grapes.
Yes.  There's not much that's Summer Seasonal about apples and grapes where I am.  The apple was sandy much to my annoyance but hey! At least the yogurt was amazing.  It was nice, plain, creamy and not sweet yogurt.  Good stuff.

While the service can not always be the greatest with limited staff and a fairly long wait to be fed, it might be part of the secret for the tasting so great because by the time you get it, you're so starving that eating a napkin would taste awesome.

But I'm fairly certain starvation should not be the only thing credited to amazing tasting food.  Birdsall House continues to impress with their fresh, in-house made meats and perfectly fried fries.  They can put together a meal that sits in perfect harmony with everything on your plate for a fantastic flavour combination.

Take Luuuuuiiiiiisssss' Special Omelette of the Week for instance:

Unassuming, yeah?
Except it is stuffed with lump crab meat, there's goat cheese laying about somewhere and it comes paired with a salad and black eye pea hash.
Then there was H1's Buttermilk Biscuit Benedict which actually should be corrected to "biscuits".  Two of them, stacked high with house made Canadian bacon, poached eggs and smothered in an fantastic hollandaise sauce was a beautiful sight with a beautiful taste:

Though if there was one complaint to be had, it was that H1 thought the egg was not poached well and cooked too much.
Of some, the "second boob" in the picture is also a beautiful sight.  And now what you have seen, cannot be unseen.  You're welcome.

And finally, my house made sausage and egg sandwich.  I do not lie when I say that my first bite of this beast of a sandwich was one of the best tastes I've put into my mouth in recent memory.  I had a "wow" moment.  It was the cheddar cheese, the extremely flavourful sausage and the perfectly scrambled egg which was still hot to the bite on that brioche that did me in:

and let us not forget those fantastic fries.  These people know how to fry fries as Aims has pointed out.

It was tragic when it ended.
The amount of food was staggering but I left happy and secretly hoping we can go back sooner rather than later.  I would have to try something else but in my mind, I really need to eat that sandwich again.

It's probably best I just went to bed right now to forget about it and save myself the heartache.

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