Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obsessions of the Month (May 2012)!

The Avengers

To be more specific - Loki. Or rather, Tom Hiddleston. A whole blog post followed because I had nothing better to do.

Though I did enjoy the Avengers, so much so that I saw it twice and would see it again if the rumoured Director's Cut makes it to the theatre in August.  So much fun! So much Tom.  Stop judging me.

Persona 3 Portable

Some time ago, I started playing Persona 3 FES. I'm not sure what happened (probably a broken PS3 that did not allow for PS2 games to be played) but I never finished. I got near the end and....yeah. So now, I've been playing P3P and it's even more fantastic than I remember. It's a lot deeper than I recall: all the relationships I've been investing my time into and I'm honestly having fun. I'm probably over hour 60 or 70 at this point but I'm only now feeling it wear on me. It's been a fun journey and I hope for a stellar ending. Also, I'm looking forward to P4: The Golden in the Fall. Wooo!  (Update: I finished it and loved it but those 80 plus hours were draining).

Lego Mini-Figures

At some point, I became obsessed with these things. Perhaps it was in part due to the fabulous work by Mike Stimpson or Powerpig but in my tiny brain, I figured I could re-create some sort of epic story by using lego mini-figures. Um. Yeah, I'm still trying to think of something funny and have come up with diddly-squat. I'll probably just use them to keep on playing inefficiently with my macro lens. So expect some pictures of mini people in the future. Or mini robots. Or mini...minis?

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