Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Soap Opera Identities Revealed

H1 found a fabulous little Soap Opera name generator today which you can find right here.

Being the idle, young and restless fools that we are, we went ahead and did a name generator for each of our frenemies.

Some of these are quite the fantastic little things and already thoughts of the days of our lives are swirling in my head and I can imagine the dramas I need to start writing for everyone.

We do note that some of you have been coming up with different name generators for whatever reason but these are the ones we came up with today and so, feel free to write your own little stories or add to them if you would like.

That said, here are our Soap Opera identities starring:

H1 as Tatiana Strange.  H1 and I are not related...at least, we don't know much about our ties yet.  Troubles a-brewing and I think Tatiana's baby sister may have "drowned" in an unfortunate Christening event.  Tatiana thought she was giving me a little bath but little does she know...

Or 2 as Cally Marcoux.  That it was a fake drowning and I was raised by a French mother and father.  I am a French bitch now.  Obsessed with revenge.  And deathly afraid of water.  Showering is quite the task for me.

MC as Augustus Bledsoe.  Our resident Token who is also the resident "bad man".  In the man ho sense of course.  The actual evil character role has already been fulfilled by none other than....

TD5 as Dr. Hugo Hemmingway.  Writer and Doctor! He's mysterious and evil for reasons yet to come to light.  There's a serious malpractice suit forthcoming when Dr. Hemingway botches the plastic surgery of one of the cast regulars leading her to have a severe case of Dissociative Identity Disorder...

X as strong-willed Audrey Lionheart (hair as black as night and piercing eyes) and Rosebud Rossignol (red fiery hair and some crazy eyes), Psycho Killer Extraordinaire.  Has had affairs with many residents of our little drama as Rosebud and rules with an iron fist as Audrey (well-respected though, go figure?).  Rosebud has recently taken Town Clown as hostage for toppling over a piece of glorious lemon meringue pie she had been eating.  Poor, poor...

Frass as Bo Tebowing.  It's okay, Bo Tebowing...like Token we need a Town Clown around.  There's only one of you and you are irreplaceable.  You'll be fine but next time, don't mess with the pie.

Bughie as Michel Whyland.  Resident policeman.  Whyland, get it? You have to play the cop.  You do a better job than Officer Barbrady, I can assure you but not such good a job that you can stop my vengeance plans or get Bo Tebowing from get a slap across the face from Rosebud.

Finally, we have our very own resident Brad Carlton who discovers later on in life that she is actually Jewish.

Beetchie as Vanita Schwartzman.  Make what you will of that.

Currently watching: Wallander.  My poor little Magnus is always getting yelled at.


  1. So I'm one of those crazy B's who plays two parts and really deep down everyone knows it's the same person? Great. Although I do like Audrey Lionheart--fitting, I will tear you apart and eat you alive, but will love you forever if you cook (good food)for me. Killing myself about Beetchie tho...

    1. Yeah, you pretty sound like a crazy B right now. Cute but psycho - things even out. So fitting.

      Seriously, Beetchie's was just amazing.


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