Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back to Brunchie Munchies at Birdsall House

Ah, July.

Some may say that it's the Dog Days of August (those "some" are loons.  Dog days of Summer, perhaps...) but I know that you're one hell more of a bastard July.

Though you know July, as much as I hate how hot you are, August will always hold the spot for the "Most Boring Month of the Year" Award.  August is my vile nemesis but that is probably a well-known fact at this point.

At least things happen in July though by the looks of it, you'd swear the HOchieS have done nothing all month long!

And you'd be sort of correct in your assessment because there were many mornings of rolling into the house between the hours of 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. due to work obligations.

Hey...wait a minute, how come this July is sounding really close to anything but awesome right now?

...moving along...

This July found us on way too many Food Adventures and one of them included a trip back to the Birdsall House for brunch.

The last time we went there, I was cursing the concept of Brunch but certainly not the food at the amazing Birdsall.  This second trip with X and Moodou was no different.

What better way to start brunch than with Hard Apple Cider? Hm?
Maybe even more alcoholic beverages? Yeah, okay.
To start with, H1 and X both had the chicken liver pate with cherry preserves to cut the livery taste of it all.  It's the appetizer of champions that overall with the bread does justice to Sunday morning taste buds.

After the debacle involving Autumn Seasonal Fruit in Spring, I opted instead to go with the house-made chorizo on a bed of black bean puree accompanied by apples and a mixed green salad.  If there's one thing we've learned about The Birdsall House, it's that their house-made meats are incredibly delicious.

My chorizo did not disappoint.

Probably not the best...angled picture of the day.
Having been persuaded by pictures of my beautiful and beautiful tasting house-made sausage and egg on challah bread, X had to have it.  H1 had the same but was cranky to discover (and rightly so) that for some reason, the arugula that were supposed to top the sandwich were not present.  Apparently they are no longer offered which was a travesty to the sandwich and those false promises of greens should have been removed from the menu.  I'm not even sure if the malt vingar mayo was on it either but there's nothing wrong about the sausage that comes with that sandwich.

Luuuuiiiissss had the omelette of the week which was...I don't recall.  Really, it was weeks ago and I forgot to take note of what it was.  The omelet once again, as with the last time, came with this fantastic side of some sort of black-eyed peas and hash brown tart.  If I could only describe to you how interesting that flavour is, I would.  But it really is something to behold.

As for my own meal, I had a crazy sounding good time that was actually equally as crazy good times in the consumption.

It was a corned beef hash with crispy yukon gold potato bits, caramelized onions, toast with apple butter, bacon and fried eggs.


I'm not a fan of onions but I'd be damned if I told anyone to pick them out of their food...when I was mostly hoping it would just sort of come on the side.  So was not the case but it was in fact, mixed into the corned beef.

Corned beef.  not from the can.  I love them both, you know.  It's probably the fatty goodness.
I ate it and picked out the ones I could not handle too much of but it was sweet and did not taste of onions when paired with the ridiculous portion of some of the best corned beef I've ever eaten.

What's that spot on my egg? Remnants of some sort of hornet?!
There were two eggs just laid out on my corned beef.  The eggs did well to mask just how much of a mountain the corned beef was, and the cubes (not really crispy) potatoes were just tasty and pure yum.

The toast and apple butter cut some of the salt with a nice balance of sweet and forget the bacon.  I could not even think about bacon after all that food but you know, the pig must never be disrespected! I ate that bacon...with some sharing but only because I had to.

You see, I sort of forgot I put the bacon on H1's plate while I tackled my food and the hornet that decided to fly into my eggs at the beginning of my meal (the jerk).

The bacon crisis was avoided but that was way too much food even though though it was greatness.  I could probably never do it again unless I shared it once more.  "Really"...shared it.

Curse you, brunch.

I have one more reason to go back to Birdsall House for brunch (though I'm sure they'll change the menu once more as Summer ends) and that reason is the buttermilk pancake that I have been eyeballing.  Moodou ate one of those for his breakfast and we got to taste it.  It is worth going back for to make a meal of.

I will make it happen!

Currently listening to: "The Legendary Beast" by Nobuo Uematsu, from the Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack.  Yeaauhh.

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