Saturday, July 14, 2012

What Final Fantasy VII Taught Me

Recently, I finished Persona 3.  

 It took me some years - almost completing one play through and then booting up an entirely new game with some 80 plus hours later (not counting the 60 plus I previously sank into my first run) - but now it's over.

This time around I enjoyed the game that much more including building up my S-Links (relationships), fusing Persona and of course, that soundtrack by Shoji Meguro.

While I may have almost finished my first playthrough, I never allowed myself to listen to any later tracks on the soundtrack since I had not yet encountered them in the game which of course meant not listening to the Final Boss music.  It's a bit of a code that Bughie J. and I enforced many years ago and a sensible one at that.

And if Final Fantasy VII taught me's that you need to experience everything as an entire package while playing to build up that great memory you will forever hold dear; and you should always (if a game is good and enjoyable enough) play your games to the end.

Not only is the satisfaction there of seeing the credits roll solidifying your accomplishments but before all that, when you get to the Final Boss, you're probably in for some of the best written piece of music that particular game has to offer.

Persona 3 was no different and countless other games before it.

A good song though, is a good song.  For the past couple of days I've been playing through Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and BooHead watched yesterday.  He rather enjoyed my struggles with "The Man with the Machine Gun" which is not my favourite of songs but one of the more popular ones for reasons I don't quite understand.

Then he enjoyed some other fight music I was playing through.

Ever the one to be plotting, I introduced him to "One Winged Angel".  He wanted me to play through the song again.  Finally, I let him hear that masterpiece in all its 7 minutes of glory.  He rather enjoyed it (but really, what's not to love?) and listened intently as I told him all about Sephiroth and how I had played that game over 15 years ago.  It's all rather impressive to a 5 year old but what's even more awesome, was the fact that the music moved him and he asked me to go beat Sephiroth so he could see.

I'm honestly toying with the idea of booting up another go of FFVII for the 4th time.

That aside, not only is he obsessed with The Legend of Zelda but now I can get him to enjoy some Final Fantasy as well.  I must use craft this newly found nerd power carefully!

But above all, I have to thank Nobuo Uematsu for the amazing times over the years and the fond memories I can still recall when I listen to any of his songs.

I'm pretty sure I have already, many times, but you know...thanks again.

Currently listening to: "Dear Friends" from the Final Fantasy V Original Soundtrack.

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