Friday, August 31, 2012

Adventures in the Last Week of August

The crap month that is August is finally coming to a close.  If the Zombie Apocalypse occurs at the end of the year, I'm sure I'll quite happily take another August over that.

In the meanwhile, I will continue to speak ill of the month in which my camera broke.  Yep, August continues to prove that it is pure evil because it was all August's fault that happened! Don't you see?!

In some sort of end of August madness, I wound up coming home late three nights this week for fun events with friends.

It was as if August was trying to redeem itself for its asshattery but I know better.

On Tuesday, I attended a Yankees game at the new stadium upon invitation by a work buddy along with Alex and Active Goat T.  While my usual practice would be to root for the other team other than NY (to be a contrary jerk - no other reason), on principle I could not do so for Toronto.  You know, Canada and all... haha, Canada! I only kid.

The Delta Lounge or whatever it's called.  Too lazy now to look it up.  Laaazzzyyy!!
Our actual tickets.  Somewhere in front there (woman with the blonde hair in pony tail) is a Chopped judge.  And, you know, a baseball game.
Truth be told, we ended up with great seats near the dugouts at field level and a fantastic opportunity to watch a game but uh, we were too busy taking our other fantastic opportunity to eat and drink any and everything for free at the Delta Sky Lounge or whatever that place is called.  It's for Season Holders but we were afforded the opportunity to take full advantage of the accommodations.

Thursday came around and the much needed hanging out with Beetchie time happened.  Poor Beetchie has been very busy at work and for the first time since she's been back from school, he had a week off from her Internship.

Earlier in the week, I may have encouraged Beetchie to buy a Lego set after telling her about the greatness of the Haunted Mansion set I wanted for my Birthday.  And thus, the first thing we did was go to the Lego store in Midtown so that she could scope out a set to buy.  Those brilliant Lego Engineers have a lot of great sets one could buy and the choices are overwhelming but what's worse, is that the bastards at the Lego Store in Midtown jack up the prices a good $2 to $20 more on many of the items.

To make matters worse, my supposed awesome Rockefeller Center Discount card could not be applied to any purchases under $50.  I mean really...what the flip?! Though, thanks for getting me more money on our Lego account...even though thinking on it now, I don't think we got anything on... Curse you, Midtown Lego Jerks!!!!!!!!!! I'll never buy from those fools again.

Beetchie ended up getting the Monster Fighters Vampyre Hearse piece.  Her building speed was 1 hour and 15 minutes for some 341 pieces or so, which gives her about 10 hours to complete the Haunted Mansion versus my 29.1 hours we've reckoned it would take me.  Heh heh.  It won't take me that long! Stop judging me! (Future blog post to come...then we'll see if judgment is required).

Legos in hand, we made our way to a nerd, board game store or something called "The Complete Strategist" (is that right, B.?).  Some sort of Zombie Dice game was bought which I look forward to playing some time.  And I will win.  I will be the Ultimate Zombie.

We then made our way to comic book store Jim Hanley's Universe in my epic adventure for Adventure Time comics.  It was not that epic though because I was only able to snag volume 7 as we were told that the comics sell out fast and there was no backlog available.  Dejected, I bought the last two volumes like a Jerkface and picked up a couple of Avengers vs X-Men volumes for Luuuiiiiisssssss.  I also got no Avengers movie Trading Cards and my hunt for those continues with no fruition.  I think I'm assed out.  Psh.

No outing with Beetchie happens without some foodie adventure (or Misadventure - but notice I've already been chronicling those as demonstrated by our poor luck) and we had two that evening.  First there was the Coolhaus truck.

First, choose your cookie.
Then choose your ice-cream
I'm not sure what was so chicken about the chicken and waffle flavour but on the potato chips and skors bar cookie, it was amazing.  The sweet ice-cream was well balanced by the salty cookies.  In a twist for brilliant marketing, the ice-cream sandwiches come wrapped in edible paper which leaves no room for dealing with messy napkins.  Yep, you just eat the paper as you eat the ice-cream! And the paper held up nicely with no sogginess.  It was pretty inventive.

Giant ball of goodness.
For dinner we had Korean food (being in K-Town and all, and why not?) at Wonjos.  It was pretty good and as per usual, all the banchan dishes accompanying our meal were greatness but the one tofu offering was some of the most delicious tofu I've ever eaten.

I should have eaten more of these little dried shrimp.  They were yummy.

These beans though...eeeehhhh, hard and sort of okay.
My meal was plentiful and I could not eat it all.  Maybe it was the five tiny cups of sake that I had along with it that cut my appetite? No B., I'm no lush! Stop saying things.  They were tiny cups!

Some sort of bulgogi with clear noodles and rice cakes (of the mochi variety that tried to choke me but oh so awesome minus the near death part)

Small cups! I am no lush.  Oh, and I guess I should note here that Beetchie spilled an entire cup's worth of sake.  Granted the caraffe was hot as all hell but you know, I'm not the only spiller around here now.  She might deny things.

Bad assed dumplings.  Not the $1 dumplings of Brooklyn but still, yeah.  Mmm.

Look at how beoouuutifuulll Beetchie's food looks! It tasted pretty damned good too.  A seafood and tofu hot pot with lots of spicy times.
It was great seeing B. and I hope we get to hang out again soon and maybe we can go to the Korean Supermarket again so I can spend another $20 on candy and chips.  That trip almost felt as ridiculously intense as a 40 pound adventure in candy H1 and I may have had in the distant past.

And...strawberry milkis complete with carbonation.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  It's much like a pink cloud.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Even though I have no pictures to show for my adventures on Friday, Active Goat and I went to the movies to get in our dose of Joseph Gordon Levitt in Premium Rush (which was not great but not unexpected though I was really excited to see that Nom Wah Tea Parlour was represented in a big way in that movie.  Yep, I have yet to go after the...uh...prior misadventure).  It's the sane thing to do, after all.  We almost ended up doing a double feature so that I could go swoon over Tom (since The Avengers is back in the theatres this weekend) but it was either Loki or Shake Shack...and Shake Shack sort of won out.

I'm sorry, Tom.  I know that that was just shameful on my part.  Ha.  No no, actually, I did not want to get actively goated by Active Goat T. and intentionally spring boarded upon because she was hungry.  That way, I am alive to see you another say on Blu Ray at the end of September.

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