Saturday, August 04, 2012

Buns of Fun

July is just a memory at this point and all the food fun we had, I never posted.  I tend to slack in the Summer because the sun and hot weather addles my brain.  Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now that August is here, I'll just to stagger the posts of all the food (mis)adventures we had in July because goodness knows there will probably not be much to talk about in August.  Ha.

You'd be convinced I like July but you'd be incorrect.  It's still part of Summer and it's awful stuff as far as I'm concerned.

All of it!

But as I said, we did have some adventures in food.

Thanks to Alex for trying to photo-bomb my picture.
For instance, the annual Rockefeller Center food fair happened and this year it proved to be somewhat of a disappointment.  It was Del Frisco's Grille first outing on the Plaza and with only one sad offering of a tiny steak sandwich for $10 with no side offerings, I was cranky...especially knowing that awesome yummies could be had there having dined there before.

In fact, most of the offerings on the plaza were disappointing and we ended up getting last year's Kobe burger from Brasserie Ruhlman again this year.  It's a good burger what with its beautiful mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese.

As per usual, Ben & Jerry's ice-cream was out there and they had the almighty schweddy balls flavour.  Bouchon Bakery also had their first outing there, offering some fantastic truffle butter popcorn and a refreshing, tart yet sweet strawberry lemonade.  

The other Midtown outing we had was trying food from our favourite on-wheels Taiwanese chicken's new venture, Fun Buns.  Is that what it's called H1? 

Basically, open "sandwich" baos are all the rage right now.  I love baos but I love my steamed char sui baos best particularly when they are less than $1.00.  All this fancy-schmancy pork belly and whatever $3+ baos make me slighty cranky.  It's not that I wouldn't put pork belly in my mouth and eat it willingly and happily but I do like to complain about stuff.  It's what I do best!
Two of them there.  Some sort of beefy thing on the left and a pork belly one on the right.
It may also have something to do with the fact that this new fad is all Hipster and you Hipster up my fond Chinese food memories and well, no.  Stop it.  Just...stop it.

H1 did me a solid of buying a belly pork bao and korean beef bao the other day.  They tasted fine and were fun buns while they lasted but I have no desire to seek them out again. 
Beef.  Covered in peanuts and stuff. 

Belly pork.  Full of fatty goodness and the secret pork sauce and veggies layered on the bottom.  I cannot tell a lie, I could eat one right now.
Though you know, if anyone wanted to put one into my mouth, I would not be adverse to your kindness.

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