Monday, August 06, 2012

Chitauri, It is

In shopping for A'Face's Birthday presents and a potential scheme of racking up Lego Club points for the discounted purchase of a Haunted Mansion (which we have now estimated will take me 29.1 hours to build given my current building rate...ugh), H1 confiscated the Lego Captain America Avenging Cycle that I was going to buy for myself and squirreled it away for my Birthday.

I was bored yesterday, found it and built it.  I think this means I'm not getting a Birthday present come October 4th and I may be regretting things at the moment.  

In any event, I did not have that much fun building Captain America and his Avenging Cycle.  There was not much to it but I did love his shield and the finished product.  It was pretty cute.

So here's the thing with my abilities to use decals: I have non-existent skills.  From finger prints to crookedness, it's usually a right mess with me.  I can never be a Surgeon for many reasons and that's definitely one of them.  No comments from the Peanut Gallery, H1!

Thus when it came time to build the Chitauri, I was nervous.  The Chitauri's space glider has one giant decal on the front and I had to make sure I was putting it on correctly.  And if I did not...

Or 2: Okay, I have to make sure this is going on the correct position and the right way.  Don't want to eff up the Chitauri, here...

H1: Yeah, or else they'd be the Shitauri.

Or 2: ...

I am pleased to report that they remain the Chitauri.

I had great fun building this one.

Although the Lego Engineers sent me incorrect parts for the blades!

These pictures are not doing justice the great golden colours on the ship and the Chitauri's head though.

Except maybe this guy who cannot stand on his own because his stupid Chitauri gun is too heavy for him to hold.
Bwahahahaha.  Shitauri!

Chitauri.  I meant, Chitauri.


  1. Shitauri... ::tears:: I slay me.

    - H1

  2. Mmmhmm. It's a good thing they turned out just fine.


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