Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Gravity Falls

My dislike of Disney is still intact.

But, as I've always maintained - if the evil Disney dollars allows greatness such as Pixar to thrive (without an evil Disney hand involved in the creative process...something that sadly happened with Brave) then I can turn a blind eye.

The recent buzz surrounding Alex Hirsch's Gravity Falls had me curious to watch even if the show was on the Disney Channel.  I was not completely sold as some episodes were that much stronger than others.  However, thanks to some stellar voice acting (my immediate interest that Kristen Schaal was involved was enough alone to make me take the dive), top notch animation and a world built around the heavy influence of what can only be described as Twin Peaks meets The X-Files, I became hooked and I've not even seen all 9 of the episodes that have aired thus far.

The mystery and lore in the world of Gravity Falls continues to be stitched together quite interestingly each episode and the show has turned into nothing short of amazing in that regard.  And while there's so much more to talk about to get others drawn in as well (people, just watch it!), I was so impressed by the opening theme from animation to music - especially that music! - that I'm just going to leave this here for you to enjoy:

And then, I'm going to leave this fan video based on Adam WarRock's bit of mixing, rap fun to the main theme of Gravity Falls, (which is called "Made Me Realize" by Brad Breeck), here too:

P.S. Did anyone see Bigfoot in the original theme song video?

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