Friday, November 30, 2012

A Knuckle to the Eyeball and Storm King

In the place of wandering off to a Black Friday shopping mess with the ever so thrilling expectation of being trampled upon and pushed by complete strangers, the HOchieS with Luuuiiissss, TD5 and a gaggle of children went off to Storm King's Art Center.  It was the sensible thing to do! And we did not even need a knuckle to the eyeball to help us think.

Frankly, we've never actually gone Black Friday shopping.  Or maybe there was that one time TD5 and Luuuiisss went...but since then, and even at that time, it's been all about Black Friday shopping at the Happiest Place on Earth -

No, no.  It's not Disney, fools.  I thought we discussed this already?

It was a brilliant day on Friday weather wise.  It was sunny (alright, that's not brilliant for me but brilliant for photo taking opportunities, if I must), and not a biting cold November day and it was in fact, the perfect sort of day to walk the acres at Storm King.

So a-walking we went.

It was after we got to the end of the parking lot, a mere 1 minute walk from the "entrance" to the art center, that my Boo'Cheeks niece informed us she was tired.

Unfortunately for her, we had quite the ways to go and with that, a blog in pictures! (Please click the images to enlarge):

As one of the first structures, I was sort of obsessed with the "K" (hence named by me) or "Jambalaya" as it is known. 
 From the location on the hill, we could see the giant red structure and a few others set off in the distance.  It was quite the site to behold as the land was so expansive.  In the beginning, I did not like the pieces as much as I did at the Pepsico Gardens but H1 and Luuuiiisss made a good point.  Due to the land lay out (and so much of it), you get a lot of different perspective on each piece.

I was obsessed.
Probably one of my favourite ones.
As you looked around, there were so many structures scattered off in the distance it was sort of overwhelming thinking about the treks to make to the next stop.  Luckily, the land is so beautiful (and surely something new to experience with the changing seasons) that it was an interesting journey.

Being that Autumn is my favourite and my best, I really liked the colours everywhere and the lost leaves leaving the trees with branches drawn on to the sky.  Truly, everything looked picturesque.
The ducks were certainly enjoying themselves.  All fun and games until someone threatens curry!

This thing freaked me out.  It moved along on the water but a bit slowly and was pretty deceptive.

the Mermaid...I liked how she sat on the island in the middle of the weeping willows and water but I'm not sure I actually liked her
Then came the wall.  Really I should have taken this shot from the top of the wall going down the slope...
...because it goes from the top of the hill, to ground level, then "under water" and then out the other side

and around the trees, not disturbing any of the land and built from materials in nature.  Hippies.
Look! A Clown in his Natural Habitat!

The next part of our journey took us to a series of hills meant for climbing.  I could not for the life of me capture just how amazing a job the artists did by creating these hills.  They were a lot higher than indicated by the pictures and a lot more impressive.  The hills dipped into fairly steep slopes and into soft patches of land in between and it was like a horribly, good game of hide and seek mixed with Peek a Boo.

It was some point whilst standing on one of these hills when all the land was spread out in front of us, and we could see mountains in the distance, and a barn across a grassy field, that TD5 and I had a moment.

Through the forest, a herd of deer came dashing out and ran across the plains.  It was beautiful.

Day after Day

Alone on the hill
It reminded me much of a time when I was very young and I watched the sunrise from a cliff over the ocean up in Toco to our Uncle's beach house.  After feeling one with nature and having a GDDH moment, I snapped out of it and we made our way up the hill to explore the rest of what the grounds had to offer.

We were met by Sarcophagi

And a three-legged Bhudda

There was no way for me to get a person free shot much to my dismay

It was pretty awesome.

The mirror fence was probably my favourite piece of the entire exhibition.  I was foiled in trying to get some beautiful pictures with the kids.  I would have gotten away with it if not for them pesky ones.
It was at this point that we somehow got separated from Luuuuiiissss.  He could not have been far but we later discovered that he did not want to go anywhere near the next thrilling exhibit that of course, H1 absolutely adores.

And I guess what's not to love...
Truly, what's not to love about faces in the ground.  With closed eyes and a seemingly eternal slumber, they remain dormant...waiting for aliens.

Or as I have come to believe, they are going to play a role in the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

Mmhmm.  Nothing creepy about this at all!  That Luuuuiiissss, he's a smart one.

Gingerly making our way out of that mess, we found a fool lounging outside the Museum House (which was beautiful but surely haunted)

Oh, apologies.  We found two fools!
love it.  I don't even want to picture what this would look like with leaves on that tree.
This thing was awesome but I couldn't do it justice in a picture.
Give me pillars and I am happy.  Love columns!
As we made our way around the house, we found some locals taking a stroll...

And goo'day to you, Sir.
and finally, we found perhaps the most amazing thing of all:

That's correct.  TD5 found the All-Knowing Trash Heap at the side of the house. 

It was a fantastic day and a trip I would not mind making again.  Perhaps there will be a different season next time around.

Currently listening to: "Magical Mystery Tour" by The Beatles.


  1. I don't like faces in the ground. I would have stepped on them. They would have cried out. I would have died.

    1. Perhaps they would have bitten you. And then you would be a zombie.

  2. ANd the blog called me a "prig" for that comment :(

    1. Bloggie Boo is a jerk but I do like that it called you a 'prig'. That's funny. Rude. But funny.


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