Sunday, January 06, 2013

Having Friends in Lego Places

An obsession with Lego began some time in May and it has since then descended into madness.

In the future, there will probably be a full-on post capturing the sets we've built since May of 2012 but for now, I'd just like to thank the wonderful Marvs for her contribution (and enabling) our current bad habit.

For Christmas (and yes, I know I owe a Christmas Loot list to all and a proper thank you to all...I will get to that too!), Marvs sent us a cute package containing some of our favourite friends.

Not only is it awesome having a friend who lives in the U.K. who has access to little Lego sets that may otherwise pass us by, it's even more spectacular having a friend living in the U.K. who is also employed by the greatness that is Lego.

In our little package were Avengers loose packets (which is fitting, since it was my obsession with Tom that started it all...curse you "Hiddleston Chain Reaction") and a tiny friend from a very Special Edition mini-figure set.

That's right, I've my very own Olympics 2012 Team Great Britain Tennis Player.

Just look at his fabulousity!

And look at his smug mug.

Did he actually win gold? Because I'm not so sure...! A quick Google Search tells me that the Mens Single was won by Brit, Andy Murray.

Well then, considered me served.

Carry on.

Currently listening to: "Sit Down, Stand Up" by Radiohead.

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