Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Exists

Or rather, The HOchieS exist!

We do!

It's just that...one of us has been slacking on writing up anything and since that one is me (Or 2), well...yeah.  I was trying to confuse you for a second.  Did it work?!

Even though she has not read it yet, I can feel H1 glaring at me.  How odd...

Anyway, a bunch of things happened in February...like food outings, NYC's Restaurant Week (which I actually think I attended in January) and birthdays.

Oh...the Birthdays I have missed chronicling.  I take pride in my slacker behaviour and why shouldn't I?!

What's that? It's probably in my best interest to stop slacking because H1 will buss my ass? Yeah...you speak only the truth, Brain. 

Getting back from that muddied mess of text, here are the Birthdays that we did not write on the blog and should have.  Shame me.

February 2nd - Papa HOchie's Birthday! Yep.  Pretty much should hang my head in shame.  Mhm.  Mhm.

February 18th - 1st Year Birthday of Baby ZBoos.  Yep.  Extra shame with my shame. 

February 24th - Alex Friend's Birthday.  Atlantic City shamed her which in turn shamed me by keeping us poor.

February 25th - MC's Birthday.  Do I feel shamed? No, not particularly.  Hahahahaha.

So, there you have it.  All those other things I mentioned previously that "happened" in February, you will just have to wait on those.  It won't be another 3 weeks until I post!

...one can hope.

Currently: feeling ashamed.


  1. >={ ::glare::

    And I don't feel shame emanating from this post. Only laziness and meh.

    1. No laziness or meh. Shame.

      Also, stop glaring.

      And thanks.


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