Monday, March 04, 2013

Snowfall in February!

It snowed during the first week of February - enough snowfall to go out there and create an army of Zombie Snowmen (Killer Mutant Snow Goons?), enjoy a snow day building Lego and general laziness.

And I did nothing of the sort!

No zombie army was crafted.  There was no massacre in the front yard, there was no building of Lego Werewolves and Mummies and there was certainly no general laziness.  I recall working from home...

Though, it wasn't all horrible (okay.  It was plenty horrible as Clee was not with us but there's always next year! Despair not!) as H1 and I baked a chocolate cake at the request of work frenemies and I took a few pictures of the snow as it fell and quietly piled up in the early stages on its way to 15 inches.

First up...chocolate cake.  Does it look tasty? No? Well it is.

Only on the first day, right after its baked though.  Or at least that is when it's best.
Next, the snow...

...and the snowy owl.
and snowy bats!'re probably wondering why there are Halloween decorations outside but you'd be wrong to wonder.  Halloween is always in the HOchieS' hearts.  Deal.
with snowy bird houses.  (No birds were inside during the time this picture was taken - actually no birds are in here, ever.)
now with more twigs!
and berries.
And flower buds that have no business being around.  What?
Some trees that don't look like much.

Okay, and this little guy.  A bud that charmed me.  He's an acceptable Winter bud.  Not like that other thing that was the remnants of a rose. 
So that was Snow in February for you.  We've not had too much in terms of major snow falls.  We have had dustings and a couple of inches here and there but really, it's been a decent winter for us.  Not so much for others but let me not talk as we're still in Winter for another few weeks and there's talk of snow on Wednesday.

I'm sure H1 will thank me to shut my pie hole.

Currently listening to: "Selene" by Imagine Dragons.  Can't quite figure them out yet.  The Killers influenced? Las Vegas as they may claim? I don't know.  I halfway like them for their halfway good album with a halfway mess on the rest of it.

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