Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Game of Thrones Exhibition Thing They Dragged Me To For My Camera.

Say what you will about New York City - that people in Midtown are a rude bunch or that our pigeons are fat - but there's one thing that cannot be said and that's that NYC is dull.

Truly, on any given day you can be walking around and stumble upon a street fair as we did last year.  Or you could run into Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth (as our co-workers did) on a Thorsday, no less.

With some money, you can probably enjoy the city in a whole different way but since I don't really have too much of that to be flailing about, I partake in the good, wholesome less costly things.  The kind of things that are free and for me.

And by "free", I mean standing in line for 2 plus hours is a small price of admission to pay while you wait to get into Westeros.

Spell "Free": T-w-o H-o-u-r W-a-i-t

I'm not one to complain about a line really, especially when you have such fun friends to stand in line with (as I did with Alex, Active Goat and Ces).  It truly was fun but there's only so much fun you can have to distract you from the cold April afternoon as the hours wore on.

I think the cold that crept into our blood made us a little bit on edge because near the end of our 2 hour waiting expedition, I'm pretty sure everyone in my group was challenged to duels.  Maybe it was the atmosphere of what lay ahead at the GOT exhibition but Monokuro Boo piggy mittens and gloves came off and everyone got a slap to the face.

Side Note: Duel Tickets going on sale soon - Date to be Announced

When we finally got in doors, the theme music to Game of Thrones was blasting loud all over that dark exhibit room as people chattered happily away about anything and everything Stark, Lannister, Dire Wolves, and Tyrion bitch-slapping Joffrey.

There was much "oo'ing" and "aa'ing" going on for the various set pieces used in Seasons 1 and 2, and there were some new pieces on display too (or so the exhibition page said).

What's this? Toys? Ooooooo.

These were behind some glass unfortunately, because our feet sure were cold...and those things sure could have come in handy.
Beautiful fan art.

More things to warm the body.  Curse the security eyeballing us.
Won't keep us warm but sekshi? Yes.  Yes, it would.
You don't say...

So, I guess *SPOILER alert* for anyone who has not seen the show and wishes to.  There are things ahead that you may want to avert your eyes from coming up...

like say, maybe this lovely thing right here...

Or this precious beast.

This was one of the most interesting things in the exhibition.

I mean, really.  Fantastic, yeah?
Perhaps the best part of it all, was the fact that a replica of the Throne was there in all its glory.  Better yet, willing participants could sit on the Throne and have their picture taken.

Those were some fabulous pictures we took but how come everyone was smiling when they got on the Throne? Rule with an iron fist!

Seriously.  Iron.  Fist.
I just don't know what's wrong with fools.

We had a great time and even though I have not yet watched the series and/or read the books, I will still forgive them for dragging me with them for the sake of using me for my camera.  But joke's on them because I ended up getting shitty pictures.  Ha!

Currently: feeling really sleepy.

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