Monday, May 27, 2013

Have You Been Missing the HOchieS?

We've been missing you guys too.  

Not much going on around these parts.  I'm (Or 2) in the process of finding a new job.  H1 has been well.  Why the absence on the blog? 

Well, we haven't really been anywhere or found anything that interesting to be blogging about as of late.  We don't have any pictures of the Bluth banana stand that was set up in Midtown a couple of weeks ago.

We also do not have personal pictures of the massive Lego X-Wing that was set up in Times Square this weekend to share.

What have we been up to? Watching Doctor Who and Arrested Development.

I actually have been blogging over at Kotaku's Reader-centric blog if you've missed me.  You can always take a look right here:  if you wanted to see what I've been up to.  It's all video game related things that may be of no interest to most of you.  But don't worry, Frenemies!  I've not forgotten about sharing the Misadventures of The HOchieS.  

Though I just posted a blog about Gleason's right below this one and that was hard to write.  I've forgotten how to blog on my own blog.  

I find that incredibly disturbing.

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