Friday, September 27, 2013

Flashback: The Oxtails

Testing. Testing. 1 - 2 - 3.  Nope, getting feedback from speaker 1. ...Testing.  Yes, all clear. Give me a drum beat.  Perfect.  What is that ringing? Johnny, Mic 2 is offline.’s offline.  I SAID MIC TWO IS OFFLINE! HOW MANY TIMES I GOTTA SAY IT?! Man, roadies.  It’s as if they don’t like to work on a Flashback Friday.  Sheesh.

Drugs.  Babies.  Veterinarian school.  Rock.  Band Dissent.  Murder? This is the story of The Oxtails, a band that started in the suburbs of New York in 2007 and enjoyed World Wide success until some time in 2011.
Piecing together the history of the Oxtails was wrought with mystery until recently when pages from the Diary of the band's lead singer, Zarnyx recently surfaced on Ebay, and were sold for a mere $66.60.

The winner (...and only bidder) wishes to remain anonymous.  When asked why he sent the pages to our studio, he replied that he was hoping that we would pay him more for the pages to recover losses from his dull purchase.

Within these pages of scrawled, poor penmanship, drawings of blood mist clouds and the ramblings of an insane person - there lies a tale of a band that started up in 2007 near Thanksgiving with a rapid rise to fame shortly thereafter.

City after city, The Oxtails acquired a legion of fans but it was clear from the start that poor planning, a disregard for set roles and in band fighting ensured that The Oxtails would never share the same success from bands such as The Rolling Stones and Nine Inch Nails.

In fact, apart from being unable to hold a drummer and their bassist switching careers to spin tunes as a DJ, The Oxtails somehow managed to build a career solely as a cover band.  Some argue this was a major part of the reason for their downfall.  Even though their cover library was quite extensive - boasting near 1700 songs - fans clamoured for original material.

After a semi-successful solo career, a partial re-union with G. (who switched from playing guitar to keyboard) and a front page tabloid incident involving some...honey badgers... Zarnyx faded from existence and The Oxtails. Occasional paparazzi photos surface online of Zarnyx playing gigs in her sister’s house but she has taken to writing up blogs now, mostly. Go figure.

Rock Band through Rock Band 3, koTAYku. I had fun with those games. Did you have fun with those games? Got any Spinal Tap moments of your own to share? What band role did you play? Your favourite song at 3 a.m. with friends? That one song you just couldn’t beat on Expert? Be a rock star and lay it on me in the comments.
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 Happy Friday, All!

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