Friday, September 27, 2013


...sometimes, it's the little moments like these that give me pause for quiet reflection.  As simple as this is, there was something amazingly magical about walking around in the dark with my watering can in hand, hearing a tiny 'ping' and another.  Then came the others in rapid succession and the frequency finally forced me to pay attention and had me looking up to the sky and there it was: the stars were falling.  Every time they did, that twinkling sound (the best way for me to describe that glorious sound) happened and just like that, a Meteor Shower was happening in my virtual life.

Along with the full moon, it was absolutely gorgeous in Tennant last night.  There were so many stars that littered that midnight blue background that even though the darkness enveloped the town; one look to the sky made everything feel alive, calming and made me feel so small.

I am not sure if I'll ever have the opportunity to experience a Meteor shower with such clarity in the real world but I can only imagine it would be a hundred times more breathtaking.  And yet this game managed to capture something of that magnitude if even for one fleeting moment in my heart.

So until such time should it happen, thanks Animal Crossing for giving me a momentary sense of wonder.

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