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I believe there is something said about New Yorkers. It's something along the lines of how we're jaded and there's nothing that really fazes us.
Oh, a dancing clown in the street? Yeah, so what?
That girl fainted on the platform? Psh, hipster. She'll be alright. (I mean, we make sure she's alright but okay).
There are cookie monsters all over Times Square, along with Minnies, Mickeys, Elmos...and if I stop to look it's that I feel sorry for the poor soul trying to make a buck in that hot suit or that their outfits are terrifying.
But this morning, amongst the sea of yellow cabs (and for some reason a lot of FedEx trucks), there was a freaking dinosaur on 48th Street in Midtown.
Today in Random Sightings in NYCSEXPAND
It was a pretty good looking dinosaur, too. You know, since I'm such an expert on what dinosaurs were like back in the day. Aren't we all? But that's besides the point.
It moved. It was feisty. It was trying to eat people.
It. Was. Fabulous.
It also got me thinking, as a culture, I think they say something about us that we're desensitized to violence in our movies and television (some of us anyway) and is that true of our video games too? And heck, it does not even have to be violence. What wows us? Are we 'wowed' anymore?
I still am, as I am sure many are because we're still playing, discussing and buying them up, right? But there's so much thrown at me now and I quickly move on to the next thing...am I missing out on things? Am I taking the time to fully enjoy what all these hardworking people are offering me in their works?
Am I even finishing my games anymore?! Well, that's surely a full-blown discussion for another post.
But for now, be wowed by that dinosaur as I was this morning.
Today in Random Sightings in NYC