Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to TD5 and Bughie J. this day.

The HOchieS loves yous.

Foodie Adventures with Nach: Days 4 and 5

Let it be known (again) that I have wayward math. Alright, not really but Nach's visit began Tuesday night and continued through Sunday afternoon. I combined Saturday and Sunday because Saturday was a bit of a strange day for food (and by that I mean I really don't have pictures…), while Sunday we said our goodbyes on the streets of Chinatown. It was my last attempt to rid myself of the hipster. And if you are to believe UI, I was successful. UI may be making claims that this current Nach floating around TAY is an imposter, since he, UI was not with Nach during his final hours and I pulled a switcheroo.

Foodie Adventures with Nach: Day 3

Nach came back safe and sound from his Thursday Philly trip, ready to go adventuring some more bright and early on Friday morning. At one point he was trying to suggest that perhaps we could start a little later in the day. Memories of the terrifyingly long day we had on Wednesday had him talking crazy when he uttered that suggestion, but that would mean fewer hours to eat. Weighing the pros and the cons, we set out early once more but it was not early enough…

Foodie Adventures with Nach: Day 2

At Aikage's suggestion, there is a change to the story formally known as "(Foodie) Adventures in How to Ignore a Hipster...".  However and despite the header image, this will not be a romantic comedy about canoedling, cup noodling, canoodling, or canned bread..ling(?).  I happened to take a  picture of some glorious art that day and this is all by chance.  None shall sully this thread! I'm looking at you, Aikage and Swan.  With that out of the way, I will be continuing the story on how Nach visited NYC and ate himself silly almost all of last week and at the start of this week.

Foodie Adventures with Nach: DAY 1

About this time last week, I was probably doing the same thing as I am now.  I was probably trying to write a blog post or at the very least, thinking of one.  The only difference being that, I was cursing under my breath thinking about how I had to leave the comfort of my house to go to dinner.  With a Hipster, no less.  That’s the real reason for the cursing… because you know, Dinner is always cool.  Hipsters… not so much!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Last-Gen Heroes: ...All That Jazz (and Then Some)

It was a week after its launch in 2006 when I strolled into Nintendo World to pick up my Wii.  The place was in utter madness.  Kids were running crazily all over the place and parents were busily trying to keep them in check (or not).  I handed in my receipt at the counter and from the back my Wii was collected and presented to me.  “How come she gets one?!” an insolent child inquired.  “Pre-order,” I smugly replied to combat the attitude I was met with.  The Wii sold out quickly and being in short to no supply, made all unable to get their hands on one that day quite displeased with my pre-order "prowess".  I took it home and booted up The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  Days later, Link and I would be felled at the bridge while my family teased me during my time of increased frustration.

Last-Gen Heroes: Atlus is no "Square"

The Last Generation of gaming saw me log more hours into my DS and PSP than on my Wii and Playstation 3. On the go gaming just made more sense with busy weekends, and a two hour commute each day for five days a week. The ten or so JRPGs I bought for my PS3 and Wii for the most part remain untouched. Of the handful I played, Final Fantasy XIII and Eternal Sonata disappointed me while Costume Quest brought Halloween to life, and the joy of inedible candy into my heart. While I have some gems waiting to be played on my consoles, I needed to not look very far to get my JRPG fix as both the DS and PSP were willing to cater to those needs. Square had a strong presence in that regard but when thinking about the Last Generation of gaming for JRPGs and SRPGs, it's clear that there's one company in particular that has become a force to be reckoned with.

Game Changing: Feeding the Chocobos to the Dogs

I am very much a creature of habit.  I found my preferred genre of games in 1997 when I laid my hands on Final Fantasy VII.  However, it was not love at first play.  It took a frustrated break and a determination to understand what I was doing to develop that love.  When I finished it, I knew that the JRPG would be the type of game that I would seek.  I knew then too that Square would have my loyalty.  In looking at my library from the PSOne and PS2 eras, there are a few different genres strewn in as well.  There are my fighting days in Soul Blade and Tekken.  I would cringe as a “backseat” player to the Resident Evil series.  Farming was fun with Harvest Moon… and cooking with the Wonder Chef in the Tales series makes an appearance as well.  It is clear, however, that Square dominated my decision making in buying games.  

"No Black and White in the Blue..."

Last year, scouring the main show floor room at NYC’s Comic Con felt like quite the task.  DC and Marvel had the biggest booths with Lego smack right in the middle of the two comic giants.   Doctor Who paraphernalia was in abundance.  Gaming company giants were there too showcasing new games and playable demos, and everything dazzled the senses.  Nintendo was there promoting Paper Mario: Sticker Star.  And Square Enix also had a sizable booth.  It was there along with the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary chocobos and moogles, I saw it.  Perched on his shoulder, the ominous black bird stared at me in a familiar fashion and I had to have him...  while his glare invoked images of shattered stained glass windows that glistened in my mind and a favourite song began running through my head.

Last-Gen Heroes: When the Best Villain is You

I had seen this man before. An attractive, tired looking sort of fellow with his scruffy excuse for a beard. He had tussled hair and the rings around his eyes indicated he had not been sleeping very well. Perhaps he’s been having nightmares. His expression is one of utter concern. It’s as though he’s gotten news he’s none too keen on. Drinking every night at a mostly empty nightclub, he talked about problems of the heart. Ah yes, this guy. How could I forget him? He reminded me of myself.
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