Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Foodie Adventures with Nach: DAY 1

About this time last week, I was probably doing the same thing as I am now.  I was probably trying to write a blog post or at the very least, thinking of one.  The only difference being that, I was cursing under my breath thinking about how I had to leave the comfort of my house to go to dinner.  With a Hipster, no less.  That’s the real reason for the cursing… because you know, Dinner is always cool.  Hipsters… not so much!

Nach: Haha like that hipster we saw on the train! xD Oh sorry that’s a story for another day!

Last week, Nach visited NYC! Contrary to the rumours going around here by Evil disguised as a Furby, there was no canoodling this trip.  What Nach and I did do, however, was have about four days of non-stop Foodie Adventures.  Eating cheerios for dinner last night was a necessity after his visit but it also made me slightly sad.

Nach: BLERGH! Don’t get me started on the depressing meals I’m having, to make things worse I ran out of Honey Bunches of Oats, all I have left is Yogurt!

On Tuesday night, the Swan and I took him to Ippudo in Midtown.  We had peppers and fried chicken for our appetizers, and amazing bowls of ramen for dinner.  He ignored my suggestions of the Akamaru Modern and went with the Classic bowl.  I believe he enjoyed it quite the bit but had he gone with my recommendation, he probably would have enjoyed his dinner even more!

It came with some seasoned salt thing that you needed to dip the peppers in. Apparently there's a lone hot pepper hidden in every batch and one lucky person gets to eat it like a nasty surprise. Well, surprise on you, Ippudo! All of us there could handle our spice very well, so meh. MEH I SAY!

Had I known they were going to throw two peppers in there, I never would have ordered a side of peppers! Grrr...

Nach: I’m sorry but I have this weird theory that you have to try the basic version of any plate… that way you can gauge better how awesome it really is… in this case I ordered the Classic one, and started with little spice, and finished up with the whole portion of chili paste on my ramen…

Ordered with a side of kakuni because adding more braised pork belly pieces to your ramen is a must.

We then ordered a dessert consisting of azuki beans, green tea ice cream and mochi pieces sprinkled in for all your choking needs.  And yet… I still could not get rid of the Hipster Nach.  It did not become apparent to me at that time just yet but I would soon figure out in the days to come that Nach has a bottomless pit for a stomach.  It’s quite impressive and you’ll see much more of that in the coming days when I write up the rest of our adventures.

(and for better Ramen pictures, check out that one time UI and I went with Fyst to Ippudo!)

Nach: Heh! That’s not the best way to get rid of me, and even when I say I’m stuffed there’s always some space for more food! I’m pretty much like this guy:

During the entire length of the trip, I really was still just trying to figure out how to get rid of him...

...I mean, his Hipsterness.  Yeah.  Sure.  That’s exactly what I meant.
Well, I’ve set up a guide to on how to make a Hipster feel unwanted just in case you guys ever found yourself in a similar situation.

1. Hug him.  And then tell him that Master Koi sends his love.  In his confusion, he’ll ask you who Master Koi is.  That’s how you know you’re getting to him - throw out random facts about a Secret Society he is a part of and you’ll gauge just how nervous he is.

Nach: I can handle hugs pretty well mang!

Bonus Downside for the Hipster: Habboi will be pissed off that his right hand forgot about The Pondlings.  Operation Impending Doom 1 Commence.

Nach: I tried to keep that Pondlings farce alive… but no one wanted to be part of it… Plus we all know that The Pondlings without Master Crane is just a Koi and an Ottsel rambling...

2.  Put him on the E train near 9 p.m.  The E train took 20 minutes to show up.  He was cold and alone in a desolate station stop in midtown.  

Nach: I knew I should have walked until 42nd st. but I was being too lazy! Plus I would have stuffed my face in 1$ Pizzas on my way to the station!

3.  Always have him walk 5 steps behind you.  You can just pretend your legs are carrying you quickly because you’ve learned how to walk really fast on the busy streets.  He’ll never suspect a thing.

Nach: No comments on that… I know how to find my way on busy streets…

Really though, the week was quite fun and I do miss going on adventures.  Not knowing what my next meal plan is, is kinda sad.  Truthfully, I missed him a little bit yesterday.  But today, not really.  Today he goes back to being a thorn in my side like the Hipster that he is! I certainly do not miss that he says I’m a cruel person goat and the threats that he made to push me into oncoming traffic in Chinatown.  Or kick me down the stairs.  I don’t really remember, since so many idle threats were made over the past week to each other that it’s all a blur now.  

Oh and I really did not try to get rid of him, no matter what stories UI tries to sell you.

...that Wolf Sanctuary plan would have worked though.

Nach: I would have taken that trip to the Wolf Sanctuary instead of going to Philadelphia! (sorry if there’s any Philadelphians around here… but I had a horrible experience in your town)


On DAY 2 of Adventures on How to Ignore a Hipster (and Still Remain Friends)... Okay, maybe I really did try to get rid of him… with lots of walking.  Stay tuned!

Nach: And to think it was my idea to go to the Highline…

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