Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Foodie Adventures with Nach: Day 2

At Aikage's suggestion, there is a change to the story formally known as "(Foodie) Adventures in How to Ignore a Hipster...".  However and despite the header image, this will not be a romantic comedy about canoedling, cup noodling, canoodling, or canned bread..ling(?).  I happened to take a  picture of some glorious art that day and this is all by chance.  None shall sully this thread! I'm looking at you, Aikage and Swan.  With that out of the way, I will be continuing the story on how Nach visited NYC and ate himself silly almost all of last week and at the start of this week.

We covered dinner on Tuesday at Ippudo, and Wednesday looked like a hell of a long day.  Little did I know it was going to be even more hellish than I thought.  You just know your day is going to be horrible when you make a trip to Chinatown and you cannot step foot into a dim sum house.  It's not Nach's fault he's deathly allergic to things, but for the sake of being that jerk of a goat he says I am, then yes.  Yes, I will blame him for making my Wednesday miserable.

Pineapple bun is that yellow thing.  The sugar doughnut is in the middle.  The girl gave me the most sugared of doughnuts.  One look at mah face and she just knew what she had to do.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 
Instead, I took him to Dragon Land Bakery where he chose to have a pineapple (f)bun for breakfast along with a cup of sugar cane juice.  I also bought him a char sui bao (steamed meat bun) which is a sweetish bread filled with roasted pork.  I picked up sugar doughnuts (I forgot how much I love them from here!) and a char sui bao for myself as well.  This is a reminder to myself to never eat bao from Dragon Land.  It was huge but not that good.  I'll stick to buying them from the store across the street.  As for Nach, I think he enjoyed his meal but he was not wowed.  Nope.  I found out later what it takes to wow Nach and how you know he's happy with food.  More on that in a bit.

So much better at the regular place across the street.
We walked around Chinatown for a little while.  I bought some scarves and a few snacks from the supermarket (a note to self and the Swan: the prices have skyrocketed at Kam Man.  Not surprising since they're rocking three floors and a hot stand food now but damn it!).  It was far too early for Chinatown to be that interesting and since I burdened us with groceries, we decided to head back to The Swan's office to drop off the goods.

Dear Astro, I tried to steal the Master Sword for you but there were eyes everywhere.  Please accept my sincerest apologies and this picture instead.

If that does not work, please accept this picture instead.  No, I couldn't fit this one in my bag either.
After hanging out with The Swan some, we made our way to Nintendo World where I may or may not have been looking for presents for a TAY Overlord and others.  Nach oo'd and ahh'd over some plushies and cried when there was no Fennekin to be had.  Apparently they sold out.  Have you ever seen a Hipster cry? It's terribly embarrassing.

Dear GBD and LoserM, I took these pictures for you (Loser - I don't know why I didn't snag a picture of the limited edition systems.  I honestly thought I did).  Please accept my apologies that my bag was not big enough to haul of this back for you guys for distribution.  Dear Nintendo World employees, I only jest on the thievery bit.
By this time it was lunch, and Nach was of course, getting hangry once more.  We had a couple of options - we could either go to Momofuku's Milk Bar or we could eat food from the Famous Halal Cart.
We opted for the lamb over rice and we stood in line for a bit, discussing the pigeons we saw.  Not once did Irish Flowers' name come up.  Uh, nope.  It SURE didn't.  And by that I mean, it came up numerous times.  We also recalled a certain gif posted by a certain Hannibal Chau Chow involving squished feathered brethren.  We laughed but really, we cringed.  ...shudder...

He may not have listened to me about the ramen but he at least listened when I told him to not get more spice.  I think he was thankful for that.
Next we made our way to the Bryant Park Holiday Fair.  We looked at expensive things, and bought expensive macarons.  He got a caramel and I picked up a few for the family.  It reminds me though that I don't think I ate my black currant macaron.  Um, Swan? Is it over for me? What made me sad was that I could not find Dough, which is a famous doughnut establishment based in Brooklyn.  I'm not sure if they're there this year and that is just tragic.  After eating and watching some people plant their asses on the ice while skating at the rink in Bryant Park, we headed for our next destination.

The only thing Nach wanted to do when he came to NYC other than eat, was to go to the Highline.  And so, making our way to 30th Street and 10th Avenue, we walked along the Highline, taking in art, the view and cold air.  We got there a little before the sun was setting and by the time we got closer to 14th street, the sky was quite beautiful.  It would have been more beautiful if the skyline was not of NJ as we looked out over the water...but ah well.  Ahahaha, only kidding Jersey peeps! Fyst! Don't destroy me!

This was the view back at 30th street, right at the start of our walk.

Now, it may not seem like a lot and walking from 30th street to 14th street on the Highline really isn't that daunting but the avenues? Mang, those things make you want to scream.  They're so long and even longer after having a day full of running around crazily.  Heeeey, first world problems... Yep.  FWPs.  Still, I'll chalk it up to having built character and secretly knowing that I could handle it, but that this was all part of a plan to get rid of the Hipster Nach.

Still stuffed from our lunch but needing to sit and rest for a while for some light eating, I decided to take him to Max Brenner's: Chocolate by the Bald Man.  I had not been in years, and not being a huge fan of chocolate, I never really loved the place.  That's not to say it's not good if you like chocolate though, I think.  It's a very decadent menu and can be quite overwhelming.

We opted for the nutella and banana stuffed crepe with a chocolate ganache sauce, krispy chocolate pieces and dulce de leche ice-cream.  Nach also got a cup of spicy Mexican hot chocolate.  This meal was all sorts of wrong in a good way.

There was so much nutella inside, it was kinda amazing.  I'll let Nach go on about how good it was though.  OH! Speaking of that... Nach has a "I"m so Happy with my Food" Smile.  It's really funny and that's how I know he's truly enjoying his meal.  He was shy about it on DAY 1 but comfortable enough on DAY 2 after eating that crepe. 
Exhausted from our long day and after needing a few minutes to collect ourselves after eating all that chocolate, we parted ways at the subway.

Next on DAY 3 in (Foodie) Adventures on How To Lose a Hipster in 4 days: Nach got himself on a train and headed for Philly.  When I saw him on Friday, he mumbled something about having a terrible time and I mumbled that he made it back.  I mean! I was happy to see him! Because Friday was the day I knew we'd meet with UI and UI would surely be able to rid the world of the Hipster...
Stay tuned!

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