Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Foodie Adventures with Nach: Days 4 and 5

Let it be known (again) that I have wayward math. Alright, not really but Nach's visit began Tuesday night and continued through Sunday afternoon. I combined Saturday and Sunday because Saturday was a bit of a strange day for food (and by that I mean I really don't have pictures…), while Sunday we said our goodbyes on the streets of Chinatown. It was my last attempt to rid myself of the hipster. And if you are to believe UI, I was successful. UI may be making claims that this current Nach floating around TAY is an imposter, since he, UI was not with Nach during his final hours and I pulled a switcheroo.

UI: The wolves told me so via the wind and tree network. As a spiritual man, I'm inclined to believe them.

Well I would like to put forth that for a short span of time on Saturday, I actually did not have my eyes on Nach at all and I left him in the care of one Hannibal Chau Chow…

Saturday morning, (UI Notes: UI obtained a Steam Mop for $48) The Swan & Co. drove into Manhattan to spend time with Nach and UI. Swan's son L. had been anxiously awaiting the chance to meet Nach. When it finally happened, I believe he mostly ignored him and was happier to see his friend, UI. It's sad when even a 7 year old wants nothing to do with a hipster.

This was also the day we were going to meet up with none other than the Fabulous Fyst. Why? Well, I wanted to torture everyone by having us all watch Thor 2. After a late breakfast/early lunch at the Shake Shack express in Grand Central (where the fries are not crinkle cut and confused the hell out of Swan, Nach and myself. I may not like their fries but I felt offended anyway), we headed back to Nintendo World. There, Nach and UI traded pokemon.

I stood there texting Fyst while trying to coordinate the movie plan, all the while UI and Nach were dealing in some Black Market Pokemon strategies that I have no idea about. Then we figured that we could catch the earlier movie but one of us would have to go ahead and buy tickets in advance. This was when I lost track of Nach. I went ahead and left everyone to follow… Now, Nach came back but now I'm wondering if it was Nach at all… was it Nach? UI might be trying to point the finger at me but maybe I should be pointing the finger at him!

UI: Nothing to fear there, we were jacking pokemon from Nintendo world to further our own trainer profile. Lucky Hipster got a female froakie at first attempted.

Nach: But I couldn't get my Torchic with the Megastone… stupid 2DS didn't want to connect to the server!

UI: Anyway, I couldn't lose him during that mad dash through the awestruck and mindnumbed wave of tourist. I had to go to the bathroom bad! Getting to the first pokemon center took longer than I thought (wanted an extra torchic with blaziknite).

Nach has prove himself worthy of braving the streets of Manhattan. He skillfully avoided, dodged the crowds and did not stop to stare at the ads/tall buildings. I can respect that. *nod nod*

Nach: Bwahaha where I come from mad dashing is part of our nature, plus the route you took was the one I always took to get to Swan's building.

Somehow we made it to the movies, only to get there to have me stand in line for food forever. I missed Fyst's reaction to Nach. Nach, what did Fyst say about you?

Nach: Taken from Fyst Graveyard Shift: "not as hipster as I thought! unless he was trying to trick me >.>"

Thor 2 was much better than the first. People decided to not phone in their performances this time! I swooned over Loki and Fyst kept an eye on me to make sure I did not faint in the aisle.
Nach: But Natalie Portman's character must die! (I agree, Nach)

It was great seeing him again but he sadly had to dash right after the movie. UI left us after that too. With just the hipster, Swan, Co and I decided to take him to one of our staple Thai restaurants, Pongsri. I stupidly don't have many photos to share of what we ate. Here's a rundown anyway: pineapple fried rice with chicken, lapchong (chinese sausage) fried rice, duck with bamboo shoots and other greatness, and a flat noodle dish with beef (full of the spice, just how we like it).

Nach: Rice and Pineapple *drools* actually… scratch that, just pineapple, if you manage to put pineapple next to a plate in any menu you can bet I will go for that plate first (same with mangosteen gummies)!

Swan and I have been to pongsri quite the number of times but it's been a few months since our last visit. And those bastards no longer have the golden triangle puffs on the menu. No more curried potato stuffed into a cripsy shell for me. I almost cried.

So I failed to mention a couple of things that happened on DAY 3. I bought Nach a cake at Eataly that had caramel in it and was some sort of chocolate something

Nach: That cubic sweet treat had an outer shell of Chocolate Mousse, and on the inside had two different layers… Dark Chocolate & Caramel. It was the best way to start my last day in NYC.
Also on DAY 3, he bought a mochi doughnut from Cafe Zaiya. These things are important because he ate the mochi doughnut on Saturday morning before Shake Shack

Nach: That Mochi Doughnut… while waiting for the train that would take me to Grand Central I remembered I had that little plastic bag with me… so I took a bite of the doughnut and thousands of memories came back… it tasted like the fried dough cakes that my mum used to make for me and my brother when we were kids… it was awesome!

and Sunday… well. What didn't Nach eat?

UI: This is when I've received words from the wolves that Nach has been replaced. Oh well.

After we left Nach and headed home, we decided to stop into Baconery. As implied by the name, bacon is in everything. We bought bacon rice krispie treats, brownies with bacon bits, chocolate covered bacon and chocolate chip cookies with bits of bacon inside. Everything resulted in a sweet taste with a bit of saltiness thrown into every bite. I bought Nach a bacon brownie and here's what happened on Sunday…
Nach: So after eating the Chocolate Cube when I woke up, I drank a cup of tea (the one I stole from Swan's Office), finished re-packing my bags, and headed out to our rendez vous, instead of taking the train I decided to walk on my way there… and lo and behold on my route was one of these famous NY Cheesecake places… Eileen's Super Fantastic Ultra Combo Cheesecake… or something like that… I stopped and had one of the small portions of the cake to try it, it was the best cheesecake I've ever had in my life… but… it was just a Cheesecake…

I met Nach for brunch downtown that Sunday morning.

Nach: But first Z gave me the infamous bacon brownie… and y'know TAYter Tots & Tottetes, I'm a big fan of chocolate, but I despise brownies, I don't like their textures (be it cakey, fudgey, or chewy), nor the false flavour of chocolate… nevertheless I kept my mouth shut (to avoid regretting any comments made prior the consumption of this chocolate square) and opened it (to take a bite), it was alright… but there was a catch… bacon made it addictive cause it countered the sweet and fakey flavor of the brownie, so thanks to the bacon (and my huge appetite) I took another bite… and another...

We ate a place called Hundred Acres and damn it, we ate way too much bread. Note: the above picture was also taken downtown. We saw this guy and a girl adding touches to the GTA art. He was painting. It was amazing.
a bit of butter and apple preserves for our biscuits, and walnut bread. Completely forgetting Nach is allergic to walnuts, we ordered this. He said he wouldn't die from eating it. I made sure he had only a bite and that was it.

I don't know what was with the extra salt bits on top. They were totally unnecessary but eating this just made me realize that Swan makes the better biscuits. That's right, Swan. You will never escape the kitchen. Aikage, did you make those biscuits yet? If not, why you slacking, mang?

This right here, is an amazing time. White cheddar cheese with pears and spiced pecans. Mmmmm, grilled cheeses should always be this good. Grilled cheeses usually are though.
Nach's breakfast of brioche french toast, with toasted hazelnuts, poached quince and a vanilla bean sabayon. Delicate and delicious, Nach polished off three pieces and half of my sandwich.
Before we sat down though, Nach informed me he ate his chocolate cake from Eataly when he awoke at 6. Then he ate his bacon brownie while we waited for our table. Then we ate everything you saw up there. AND THEN, he decided that we should walk to Chinatown to get ice-cream from the Chinatown Ice-cream factory. Did I miss anything, Nach? I feel as though I'm missing a fourth dessert…oh wait, it was that cheesecake.

At Chinatown ice-cream factory, he got the lychee ice-cream. They cut him off after sampling two other flavours though. Poor thing. I'm not so sure he was happy with his lychee ice-cream but that would be because he is crazy. He also dropped his spoon while we were walking around which was quite hilarious since he dropped it and before it hit the ground, he bawled out that he lost it. So funny.
Swan said her goodbye by showing up on a store front. Look at the name of the bakery! Except it wasn't really you, Swan. This was a White Swan bakery and had not much diversity. There was no flavour up in that place. But your presence was noted.
What was not funny was when we had to say goodbye. In the days that we spent, I got attached to the fake little hipster. See, I don't think Nach is really a hipster at all. Perhaps these are the lies I tell myself to make myself feel better about actually being friends with a hipster. Maybe. But all I know is, we'll have adventures in the future. We might hit up London in the Spring. Maybe! Or he may come to the cold clutches of NYC's Winter for 2014's Restaurant Week.

Whatever it is, it's going to be all about food again.

I'll also work on a better plan at getting rid of him this time. I won't let a hipster into my life!

Though, if you are to believe UI and the wolves, perhaps my job is already done...

Is it?

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