Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Link Between Super Mario 3D Worlds Launch Event at Nintendo World, NYC

Streetpass continues to be one of the best features of Nintendo's 3DS. It certainly comes in handy when you're waiting in line for a launch event. It makes the cold air a little more tolerable while you're standing on the street. Listening to friends talk about their respective Pokémon Safari is amusing. There's fun to be had being allowed to peek into what games others are currently playing. And of course, the all mighty flicker of a green light indicating you've tagged a fellow Nintendo Enthusiast is one of life's simple yet wonderful pleasures.

I wish my Streetpass was no longer working. I just really wanted to an excuse to get my hands on that sweet new The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL!

Last night, UI and I attended the launch event for the Xbox One Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Mario Party: Island Tour at Nintendo World in NYC. Being that this was a late night launch of the 8 p.m. to midnight time slot for not one but three games, the launch was a relatively simple affair. From what I could tell, there were no games or 'events' to partake in as with the Animal Crossing launch. Quite frankly though, at that hour, it was more a matter of getting your advance copy and being on your way. Nintendo World knows what time it is! Hey, the city may never sleep but I sure as heck need to some times.

Though, what's a launch for a new Mario or Zelda game without some showing of love and swag, right? There were game stations set up for playing the latest and greatest in the ameowzing world of Mario. There were also some cat ears to be had on the swag side of things for purchasing a copy of 3D World. The ear options were for pink, blue, yellow or green sets. Feeling incredibly pressured by my first world decision making problems, I went for the yellow pair. I am now wondering if I should have gone for the pink set. Though I have to say, Fahey wears the blue pair so well… What's that? You never saw a pink and/or blue cat before? I do feel sorry for you.

There was also a poster (?) and a bag for purchasing both Mario games, I believe. I did not want Island Tour, and so I went home bagless. Cat earless, I was not though! As we waited inside in another line - the line whose end journey was to be riddled by life's greatest questions in fashion-forward colour matching sensibilities - we were entertained by a familiar face.
Here's Mario with the high fives
Here's Mario challenging me to a duel. (It's a sword, GBD. Honest!)
And here he is holding his side where I wounded him with my fist. That's right. I'm telling you the fist is mightier than the Assassins Creed blow up swash-buckling Sword, and I bested your childhood hero!
There's Luigi! Relegated... to a wall? The second floor is truly the Dark World. And no Loki in sight. For shame.
The real beauty of this launch event was what Nintendo World did for A Link Between Worlds. There were some fantastic pieces of art on display on the lower level. The walls were covered with dungeon art from the game, and I just wanted to stick to them in all my 2D glory. Unfortunately, reality reared its ugly, harsh truth of a head and reminded me that I could manage no such feat. I instead quietly sobbed while taking pictures.
Can I get a choir of angels?
"Oof!" No relation to OOF.All hail this painting I wish I could buy!
Not to be outdone by the red plumber who mysteriously appeared solo in this the Year of Luigi, Link made an appearance as well!
Hrrrmmm... perhaps with a sword like that, the sword IS mightier than the fist. Though let us not get confused. The Fabulous Fyst is mightier than most.
So why was there no Luigi again? We can't have two green clad heroes appear in the same space? The world cannot possibly handle all that hotness? Or did Mario get rid of Luigi?! Who cares what the titles of the games are!?

For making the dangerous journey and not going it alone, we were rewarded with some sweet bonus swag for purchasing the Zelda game. UI has wonderful gloat filled pictures here. If you cannot quite make it out from my pictures, it's a mini treasure chest. I do not believe any rupees are inside and I feel like calling shenanigans. Seriously, why couldn't some gold shine upon me upon opening it? A silver rupee? A boomerang? Nothing? Just the chest opening music, huh? Well, alright then. I'll just store my precious 3DS game cartridge in there and pretend I found it in a Forest Temple or something.  I will also pretend that I did not have to "pay" for it my damned self. If I must.

Oh who am I kidding.  This was the treasure I was rewarded with while waiting in the dungeon that was the line. I am quite pleased with it to be honest.  It's just too cute!
Regardless of the lack of any 'event' with the usual Nintendo flair of in-store silly game type fun, the evening was still a pleasant one.  The buzz of all those people at that hour made for a friendly, excited atmosphere. I do apologize if this was not quite the launch event you were expecting to read about (but you can do so right here!). My third paragraph kindly disagrees that it was designed to mislead you!

Ah, this is just me having a little fun in talking about the adventures on which I am about to embark with my dear old friends Mario and Link. Really though, I hope that my epic journey with my one green hat friend is much less strange than the one I went on with that other green hat fiend...
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The original article was published on November 22, 2013 on tay.kotaku.com.  The article may be found at the following link: http://tay.kotaku.com/a-link-between-super-mario-3d-worlds-launch-event-at-ni-1469565758

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