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If we are supposed to keep our friends close and our enemies closer, what then do we do with our frenemies?

I suppose chronicling their ridiculousness is the only thing we can do.

Our Frenemies often make appearances on the blog because without them, our lives would be somewhat bland and yet probably free of asshattery.  With code names of our regular cast of characters, this page is dedicated to them in a Who's Who in the Lives of The HOchieS.

Last Updated: February 20, 2011


Beetchie and Or 2 have had many a misadventure together often involving good (sometimes suspect?) food, weird toy excursions, harassing people in Japan (and subsequently embarrassing ourselves...:), concert madness, nerd-ish behaviour, and the misfortune of being in the midst of an occasional exploding area of NYC.

We have only ourselves to blame for our misadventures because we keep feeding her which encourages her to come around.

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This kid came into our lives four years ago.  These past four years have been mostly hilarious with the hi jinks he has found himself in.  So much so that Or 2 decided to chronicle some of his actions into its own blog.

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Fueling Or 2's unsettling behavioural habits of collecting 'stuff', Bughie J. is a life saver.  He's also a giver of toys (but not a stealer of toys), writer, and a baker of the world's most delicious brownies and cheesey bread.  He has the wisdom of the Vulcans and speaks Klingon.  He's also a Protector of Nu and a Mediator between H1 and the Snow Bughs.  And best of all, he takes the time to listen to Or 2's crazy obsessions on a daily basis.  

It's a tough job being Bughie J.

While we may not have many labels with Bughie J., his presence is everywhere on the blog as he contributes clever quips and wit to our conversations much to our amusement.

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Brother Bunj to H1 and Or 2, we honestly do not even think he knows this blog exists.  He still has his moments, a few of which we have mentioned here.  We love him, even if he is that jerk who makes Or 2 brave zombies alone.

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Clee loves torturing Or 2 with bad movies and the threat of forcing her to watch the Matrix.  He appreciates the little things like spending his time with The HOchieS, eating the 'best sandwiches ever made' by H1 and having a laugh and chat until early hours in the morning.  We love when he comes around but we do not love his smugness involving his love of the company Apple.

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If there was ever a definition of a frenemy, Frass' picture would be right under it in a dictionary.  He joins us for food, concert and movie adventures.  Ho Limes in the Summer and present exchanges at Christmas would not be the same without him but how come after all his goodness he still manages to find himself on our Grievance List for disappearing from our lives for the better part of the year? It's what makes Frass, Frass and we love him all the same... while still keeping a wary eye on him.

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Truth be told, Gen' Frien' is not actually a fremeny.  There's not a bad bone in her body or a scathing remark in her lexicon (all requirements to be labeled as such).  She is all friend and a good one at that.  She's rational, deals with Or 2's constant craziness and abrasiveness and sends the best packages to us filled with Japanese snacks.  She is also a great artist.

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If ever there was a definition of a fremeny, our pictures would be right under it in a dictionary belonging to MC.  It's hard not to love MC, and even harder not to make fun of him.  In fact, he gives us blog gems and his true life stories do not need re-writing.  We're just happy to put them all down for everyone's amusement.  As they say, "you can't make this stuff up!"  Sorry MC, stories about pepperoni animals are too priceless not to share.

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TD5 shares adventures with The HOchieS on Broadway, at museums, at an occasional concert, and usually at Thanksgiving.  We marathon tv shows together, foreign films (that often entail traumatic experiences for us) and share musical interests although we do have our disagreements on the subject. 

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With a code name like "X", one might be under the impression that X is the most mysterious of the frenemies.  That would be trickery, as X is likely the most vocal.  X shares the HOchieS' passion for food, loves wine (and likes to be 'runk like a skunk, much to our dismay), has been on concert adventures with us, joins for general relaxing low key weekends and is probably our biggest supporter.  In fact, she gets cranky if I don't write anything new for more than a week (and that's pushing it as far as she's concerned).  Perhaps "biggest supporter" was not the phrase I was looking for...maybe "high maintenance" was the one? Heh, just kidding (she also has a very hard hand and I best choose my words carefully for fear of being slapped).

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