Food...who doesn't love it?

Don't answer that as it was not an honest question; and more importantly, I was not looking for an honest answer.

Moving along...

With countless food places in NYC and elsewhere, home-made adventures, and the asshattery fortunes of fortune cookies that kick me when I am down, there's a lot to eat and a lot to talk about.

That said, it's here you will be able to find some of our many adventures in eating. 

Fortune Cookie Asshattery

Trust us, you want to click the link.  I do not think my life was always like this but it must have been sometime in 1997 that I got my first less than kind fortune.  When I say it was unkind, I am being kind.  It was in fact, the most scathing fortune I ever got and I have tucked it away somewhere where I cannot find it because it's probably better that way.

If you must know what sort of asshattery was inflicted upon me, the fortune told me very plainly that I had no ambition and no motivation.  You may not be believe me now but since that, and more so with the frequency in recent years, I have continued to be lambasted by fortunes from those blasted cookies.

So click away to see what sort of hateful things have been tossed at my little face every time I open one of those golden delicious jerks:

Wisdom? Or Truthiness?

Last updated: January 26, 2012

Eating Out and About

It's always fun discovering new places or going to regular spots to enjoy a meal with the frenemies.  Though, I should not say it's always fun because sometimes we discover some underwhelming things.  It's not all Bird's custard Crown Jewel eating times in our lives, unfortunately.

We have had some pretty good runs though and it's here you will find a compilation of some of our adventures and misadventures in food - whether it was at dim sum at Chinatown in Japan or Chinatown NYC, blood pudding in Trinidad or the Bronx, curried crab and square flour dumplings in Tobago or the good stuff (and normal round dumplings) in a home-cooked meal, or Tim Tams from Australia or Cheesy Poofs from the grocery shelf - click to share in our memories:

Eating Any and Everything

We're Not Just Pretty HOs.  We cook too.  Some of us (H1) more than others.

Last updated: January 26, 2012

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