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Oh how we wish we could travel more.  There's so much to do and see in this world, that it saddens us that we're not "socialites".  You know, socialites minus the celebrity, stupidity, boredom from fame, drugs, snootiness, sexy-time questionable videos, craziness, and the need to entertain other socialites or be entertained.

So really we just want the money and free time.

When's that lotto coming in?


That aside, here are some of the places we have had the good fortune of visiting and our excellent adventures (air guitars included!) had.


A View From the Across the Street at Asakusa (Japan, 2007)

When: 2007
Who With: Beetchie
Why: Why not? My obsession with Japan started a very long time ago...say, maybe 12 years ago? It was a dream being able to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, and I hope to go back some day.  I loved the late nights stumbling around Ueno, Shinjuku, and Kyoto; and the early mornings with breakfast from vending machines and Lawsons.  I loved our adventures in food, our daily misadventures (even the embarrassing ones), our quiet times praying at temples and our crazy fun times in the rain, at theme parks, or at haunted ryoakans.

I love the food - the best sushi you can find at Tsukiji...fresh, inexpensive and never replaced in greatness by anything else I will ever eat; pork and rice at every meal; and just every odd delicious thing I could think of (or not even have the imagination to dream up) to eat.

I love the people - the hard-working Japanese business men and the chef who would rather work every night of his life than take a vacation, who grilled a wonderful meal for both the business men and us; or the elderly Japanese women working at the train station in Kyoto, who at 10 a.m. tried to get Beetchie and I drunk off sake samples; or the man from Osaka who had no clue where to direct us but spent 10 minutes of his day pouring over our map anyway; and even the ex-pats who we found one night who shared their experiences with us.

I love the spirit and the hustle and bustle of Japan but I also really loved the quiet neighbourhoods with its quiet, dignified citizens - shuffling along and going on about their life with what seemed like a peace of mind, and utmost tranquility.

And as I sit here writing this introduction, longer than I had designs on, I find myself crying.  The 8.9 earthquake happened just yesterday (March 11, 2011) and the devastation is one I do not want to see - I cannot bring myself to read the news, or watch pictures from the unfolding events.

For the most part, I had awesome experiences shared with Beetchie.  I know we will go back in the future, but for now - The Chronicles of our time spent in Japan, and other related memories:

The Trip Begins, with Bathroom Troubles No Less

I'll Never Eat Sushi Like This Again! ::sniff::

Dim Sum, Pigs, and the Hattori Hanzo of Yakitori

The Nightmarish Fun at Sanrio Puro Land

Tuna: Good for eating; Scary things to look at

Capsule Hotels, Maid Cafes, and Dirty Japanese Business Men...Oh My!

Shinkansen - Faster than The Millennium Falcon

Japanese Pizza, Temples and More Pigs. Because I love pigs.

My Most Expensive Meal to Date

Geisha? Geisha, anyone?

The Shadiness of a Love Hotel

Expensive pigs

Squid Ink Ramen? Maybe...

The REAL Breakfast of Champions

Taiko Drum Master Madness

Who Here Smells Like Roses?

Hello Kitty? More Like Frisky Kitty


A View from the Beach (Tobago, 2009)

When: 2009
Who With: H1, BH, and Luuuiiiissss
Why: MC got married!

Curried Crab and Dumplings, I heart you.


A View at my Plate (Trinidad, 2009)

When: 2009
Who With: H1, BH, and Luuuuiiiiisss
Why: As part of MC's wedding celebrations.  The HOchieS were born in Trinidad and lived there for a very long time.  Many of our friends and family are still there, and we sometimes find ourselves there.  We miss them! And the food.  The food is the best!

The Grocery List of Memories

The Groceries of Memories...?

A View from the Car (Trinidad, 2008)

When: 2008
Who With: H1, BH, and Luuuiiiiisssss
Why: X got married!

Yum times

Some Things to Look at

Things I Probably Did Not Want to See


A View from outside Wembley Stadium (London, 2007)

When: 2007
Who With: H1
Why: For Muse's show at Wembley Stadium.  They're a great band and probably the best live act out there.  However, the recent unspeakables involving a certain front man and his shenanigans with a certain ::cough whore cough::, have the HOchies put Muse on a ban.  We have our good memories before it all went to shart.

The HOchieS at Wembley Stadium

Mucking About in England

A View from the Afternoon (London, 2006)

A View from Edinburgh Castle (Scotland, 2006)

When: 2006
Who With: Battler, and Char Kar
Why: For vacay.  I've always wanted to go! And I'd go back.

Fido Dido, is that you?

Out and About in London

Edinburgh Sheep and Ghosts - all wonderful things.

The Tower of London - Home of Crows

At Wembley Arena - Muse


A View from the Locomotive.  Stop staring at me dude. (Pennsylvania, 2011)

When: 2011
Who With: H1, Luuuiiissss, and Boobey-Head
Why: For vacay.  Mostly for a kid-friendly BH experience.

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