For a lack of a better word, we've decided to label this section "nerd" to display just some of the obsessions that we have. 

It's here that you will mostly find the video game and toy misadventures of Or 2, and the misadventures in toy photography we sometimes like to embark on.

There will also be the occasional quips about tv shows and the rants about music for you to enjoy.

And let us not forget the stories about Zarnyx in all his glorious forms.

Placed here only to give you all something to look at and to make this space less dull.  Zarnyx was created by Or 2 some time in the 1990s and has since been her ID for most everything.  Chances are, you will come across some form of Zarnyx in reading posts in the "nerd" section.  It's rather disturbing.

Last updated: April 11, 2012

So click a nerd and read a herd.  Or a ton. 

The Sesame Street Rhymies clearly taught us nothing!

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