Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Rock Band Band

So we're getting very excited by the prospects of our new PS3 and Rock Band. Beetchie has decided we should either name our band "Doubles" or "Roti Rock". Maybe "The Oxtails"? The name's open to discussion.

But more importantly right now, is how the line up's going to go down.

It's been decided for sure that MC should be the bassist because as we all know, black people always play bass guitar. Before you protest, MC, I've proof (I'm sorry about the Portuguese subtitles...):

The other members of the band are a toss up but we're thinking for now that I should be the lead singer because by Beetchie's logic,
1. my carney hands would automatically disqualify me for the bass and lead guitars and 2. My lack of co-ordination disqualifies me for the drums.

For the role of lead guitar, Beetchie will take on those duties, which leaves us with a vacancy for drummer.

We're thinking Frass. Why? We're not quite sure but I think I heard Beetchie say something about, "he'll have to be drummer because he'll not be able to survive..." or something to that effect.

However, there are no fears for you others, my frenemies.

There are other very important roles in this band.

And I quote from Beetchie, "X can be our band manager! She can be our Joe Simpson to our Jessica and Ashley! Our Rob to our Spinal Tap! I want to be Nigel! I called it!"

"I want to know what kind of ass band we're running!" - Or 2, and upon further thought, "Maybe X can be our fan girl".

"X can be our groupie." - Beetchie
"and H1 can be our manager." - Or 2
"Because she's cut throat, right?" - Beetchie

Yes, because H1 is hardcore but I was thinking to myself that I really didn't want a Soundgarden/Chris Cornell incident to go down but if I'm lead singer and she's band manager, that WON'T be happening. So we're safe on that end.

So, all -

band name suggestions welcome.

positions for the band, other than bass, are not yet set in stone.

Let's get this insanity started but don't forget, TD5 will be both our promoter and music critic, so we need to make this good!


  1. So I am actually psyched about " Oxtails - The Band". I will gladly play Bass and take my rightful place. I will also be screening all "positions" for groupies- that includes you X.

  2. How awesome does this game look, MC? Did you see the drum 'kit'?!
    Yes, we will rock this game. Umm, I'm not sure about "The Oxtails" as catchy as it might be but okay, I can kind of work of it. We'll have a band meeting and take a vote.

    As for the groupies...uummm, yeah. No comment.

  3. (Welcome to) Raisins, Sexy FlandersThu Sep 13, 12:00:00 PM 2007

    I expect to be comped to go backstage. Will u also be playing christ/rock? ::smirk::

  4. No, we will not be playing the Rock of Jeebus.

    Though, do you think we can convert "The Hand That Feeds" by NIN into C-Rock? Hmmm....

  5. Egotistical lead guitarist BeetchieThu Sep 13, 10:32:00 PM 2007

    No Jeebus Jingles going down...that shit will make my ears burn and my eyes bleed!

    I personally like the "Eugenia and the Oxtails". ^_^

  6. Why it gotta be Eugenia and the oxtails? Seems like someone is already trying to pull an Amy Lee and we haven't even played our first gig yet. And I think we should have at least one Jeebus track.

  7. why am I likened to nasty incestuous Joe Simpson??? ugghhh!!!I in no way want to be a band manager that is oogling at any chests (ladies) or bits and pieces (MC). I am loving "the oxtails." roti rock we are not--unless someone here from chaguanas

  8. You are not the Manager X, you are a potential groupie, however, first you need to be "screened" by the bassist.

  9. Yeah, Beetchie. The last thing you want to be is Amy Lee and if that's the case, then I quit.

    They way you guys are acting, we should be called the "Asshats" but I'm not one, so I quit that as well.

    MC, you need a reality check. The bassist never gets any love unless your name is Pete Wentz, in which case, I quit.

    X, I'd rather you not be the groupie unless you've your sights set on the drummer. So...yeah, you should quit the band too.

  10. The band not even fully formed and allyuh embroiled in comess. The Band's name should be Chupid Trinis and a Mal-asian.

    The Band Manager.

    N.B. Practice will be on Tuesdays.


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