Thursday, May 05, 2011

Fortunes and Pearls

More often than not, I get to suffer the abuse of fortunes from fortune cookies I consume.

Recently, it has made been abundantly clear that I am to be a slave in life, and to life.

According to the cookies I am or perhaps, just perhaps the cookies know what they're talking about!

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Or it's as I suspect and that is that the fortunes are jerks to me, as always.

So much so that I am only allowed to get half a fortune at times.

The saddest part of it all is that now, I will never know how to say "yellow" in Cantonese...or Mandarin?

Interestingly enough, one fortune was from our local chinese take-out place (my favourite is the beef and broccoli) and the others from my new favourite place, Pearls.

I'm obsessed with Pearls' dumplings which I had for the first time last Wednesday and then again...uh, four times since.

One day I discovered on the menu - double sauteed bacon.  BACON.

How could it go wrong? Bacon is never wrong and as I have said time and again, bacon makes everything taste better.

I was super excited as all animals (pigs included) should be when they catch sight of, a whiff of or hear about 'bacon'.

Well imagine my surprise when not only was I presented with bacon when I ordered it for my lunch today but the dish came with chinese black beans.

I'm pointing to one of many pieces of bacon.  Happiness!
It was so perfect, I wanted to cry.

I still kinda want to cry.

Currently listening to: samples from "Miike Snow" by Miike Snow.  I don't know, ever since I heard that small clip of "Plastic Jungle" used in Becoming Human I've had some interest.

Should I be interested or is this group just all hipster and 'stupid techno' (it's electro and the next time I see you, you're dead)? TD5, any insight? Hmmm... at $9.49 I'm not ready to take a chance yet.  Make it $3.99, Amazon and we'll talk.

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