Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Sushi in the Summer Time, with a Side of Blue Pig

It's Restaurant Week once more and once more, The HOchieS & Co. found themselves at Hatsuhana for sushi.
Fake candles were on our table.  It's almost as if they recall some sort of alleged fire to cloth napkin that may have occurred at our table last year.
It was Boohead who made the request but I was not opposed to the idea either.

Mk (sans X - much to her chagrin what with the pictures of sushi torture we kept sending to her during the meal) and new frenemy, "Active" Goat T* accompanied us for a night of fishy fun.

(*I'm still deciding on a proper blog identity for our new frenemy.)

The Restaurant Week menu was decent but I must admit, I did enjoy our first outing better even if it did involve the dreaded snow crab and asparagus in a soy gelatin cube.  I think it was the amazing sea urchin we had in 2011 and its absence at this 2012 offering that makes me a bit biased.

There was a staggering amount of sushi offered at the last venture and this time was no different.

I got the fanciest seal sushi rest.  Just thought I'd gloat a little.

For starters: a soup!

A really good clear fish broth with tofu.  It was light, and supremely tasty despite its looks.

As always, a tuna carpaccio is a beautiful thing


H1 could not manage all that sushi, and had a tuna sashimi bowl instead.  But to start with, there was some grilled duck.  It was okay but not a winner.  Clearly we made the ill decision of not getting the kakuni!

Sadly, the lobster tempura was not that good this time.  I don't know what it was but I don't think they got a good fry on it.

Eggplants are always a good time and cooked in a soy broth makes it for a better time.

This is still the most beautiful piece of sushi ever to come out of a fish.  The fatty tuna is a Master.  I ate it last.  Because you know, the best had to be saved for last.  (and you hope no one steals it before you get to it).

Eel! I think it was the first time Active Goat had eel.  She was not really loving it.  I've always loved eel.  This one was just okay.
See that white one next to the yellowtail? It's a sea scallop and it tasted lovely.  I'll have to make a mental note.
Tasmania: not only known for Devils?  There was quite the bit of citron paste on this and may have taken away from the fish a little but it was still interesting.

Now this unassuming tofu was quite the surprise.  It was creamy and not the texture any of us were at all expecting.  It was custard like and I was loving it as I do all things custard.

Finally, dessert.  It was a refreshing ending and that green tea ice-cream was pretty good but not as good as  Cafe Zaiya's.
Having no sense, we got on the train to go back home and decided at 9 p.m. that maybe, just maybe some Blue Pig ice cream was in order.  We had not been there in years and we did not need that much encouragement using Mk as an excuse, of course.

I have no pictures to show of the ice-cream but The Blue Pig's ice-cream is as good as I remember if not better.  I had the most awesome bourbon peanut brittle bacon ice-cream and usually a one scoop kind of person, I could not pass up the opportunity to also have the salted caramel, which was equally as awesome.

There may have to be another visit to the Blue Pig in the near future.

It was definitely a fun Friday evening with frenemies that ended with our sitting on a bench near 10 p.m. enjoying bacon and sharing laughs.


  1. So tasty looking...

    By the way, you might want to add a "Reaction" that is something positive.

  2. Did you and your wife get to try any restaurants for Restaurant Week?

    Ha. My reactions? I have a positive reaction! "Math". Wait...I guess I should change it to "Algebraic". I'll do that. (Nod to "Adventure Time"...a great show everyone should be watching.)


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