Saturday, June 13, 2009

...and Tobago?!

It's true.

The HOchieS went to Tobago and we can blame MC for that! Have your wedding in Tobago, will you?!

Or 2 has never been to Tobago before other than that one time back in primary school at the age of 9 or maybe even younger.

Blue waters, sand and sun may sound like glorious times to some but to me, not so much.

I'm no lover of any of those things but what I do love, is a beach house. We stayed at a villa that had the all the feelings and properties that make up a good beach house.

It lacked actually being on the beach though so that we could smell the salty sea air in the morning, but it still had some of the important things - it was huge, a kitchen with a nearby huge space to hang out with friends, lots of bedrooms for friends to crash at (our room had a double decker...that's right, TD5, CLee and I stayed in the kids' room), mosquitoes, mosquito coils, and was haunted.

It wasn't that it was full blown haunted or had a jumbie rat bounding down the stairs (it did have crappos which are not nearly as terrifying) but there were parts of the house that gave me the heebie jeebies.

Upon our arrival, we were all starving so trekked to Store Bay for some eats and for some sea (more Boohead than anyone else).

I was always told that Tobago's a bit of a wasteland when it comes to food save their curried crab and dumplings. Naturally, I did the recommended thing and got myself some of that. I am still confused as to why Tobagonians make their dumplings so large and square but that sure didn't matter after I tasted that amazing food.

That night we went to MC's villa for some eats but he did us dirty and we ended up bargaining some drinks for food... in the end we got jipped. Thanks, MC. After we left his place, TD5 needed to eat some food to be able to take his vertigo medication (did I mention he's now Lucille 2?), so we found a burger lady who provided us with street eat burgers which were full of yum times.

The next day we took in more beach, at a different, quieter spot. The sand was a bit green in spots which didn't bother me but did bother CLee.

And for the first time in a long time, I decided to go into the ocean and was promptly reminded that I have no business being there thanks to a gigantic wave that came upon me and I could do nothing but take the hit. I was told by all that all they saw of me was my "ass up in the air".


For lunch we ate like goo'd times - callaloo, stewed pork and macaroni pie (I guess I lucked out with Tobagonian cooking?).

Then we napped, followed by getting dressed to attend the wedding of our very own MC, who tells me he can no longer make it on his own.

MC and K got nice weather, a fun reception and granny even had good things to say about him. Heehee. Congratulations, MC. The HOchieS were teary with happiness for you and we look forward to welcoming K. into the Ho Clan in the near future.

Though we have to say, must you nasty up everything?

On the final day, there was pool lounging and sugar cake rip off buying but the trip was pleasant enough (both Trinidad and Tobago) even though always rushed and mosquitoes somehow managed to destroy us.

Stupid coil! You used to work!

Although I guess I did get attacked mostly in Trinidad when we didn't have the coil...

Memorable Conversations of the Trip:

S. to H1: Look at this ::shows photo in book of bird above:: - the West Indian Whistling Duck. ::cat call:: ::pssttt:: Doo Doo Da'ling, sweetie pie! Let me take a gander at you...

Or 2: MC, the only sad thing about this is that I'm sorry Frass couldn't be here.
MC: Um. No. It's okay he's not here.
Or 2: oooOOOOO.

Currently listening to: "Doubt & Trust" by Access, from the D. Gray-Man Original Soundtrack.


  1. What was that about TD5 taking vertigo medication? LOL

  2. He has an inner ear infection. He couldn't do the drive to Maracas for bake and shark because of the windy roads plus I didn't want to fall off the cliff.

    Poor thing. Everthing was shifted slightly to the left (I think) for him.

  3. Oh yeah, Frass, I added a memorable conversation to the post. Just a little convo that I had with MC about you...

  4. you weren't there when S asked TD5 how does one with vertigo get to heaven?

  5. Was MC afraid I'd break into song? Something from Beyonce like "Dangerously in Love"? Or that cheap ass is just glad he got to save money on the food because that is my fave part of weddings - free food.

  6. Don't worry GKBuckwheat, between X, myself and M. cousin of TD5, we buss up food like nobody's buisness.

    But if he did in fact, not want you to come due to Beyonce song numbers then kudos to him because that's not something I want to deal with either. Though who would play the role of Jay Z?

    S. is the husband of L. Confused more? Yeah, you should be.

  7. x, I wasn't there for the Vertigo/Heaven conversation.


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