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First, let us discuss our as per usual, frantic on the fly trip as a whole and all the shart we ate while there.

We got to Trinidad last week Thursday in the afternoon, and ! Boohead came with us! and managed to stuff Royal Castle in his mouth before I did..., then we proceeded to eat Aunty P.'s awesome times pelau then went out with CLee to stock up on stuff:

Dinner was the KFC we quickly ate before tuning in to the Burn Notice season premiere but really we tuned out because there were too many distractions around for us to pay attention. I feel as though TD5 somehow, distracted me on purpose even though he wasn't around.

We awoke on Friday and while H1 was at home secretly eating Hops and Cheese like an ass without me, I was out with TD5 getting doubles to feed her.

H1: 1
Or 2: 0

Before going into the details of Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning I would like to do a wrap up of Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday morning.

Sunday afternoon brought us family that once more invaded Aunty P.'s and Uncle P.'s house. Heh, we're very grateful for letting them converge like that.

It was a little bit strange seeing everyone. I've not seen many for a long time, not for about 13 or so years and it was a bit sad too as it was a reminder that we truly are getting older (I still don't feel it myself). Still, it was also a very good thing to see everyone. We miss them.

Monday turned out quite relaxed.

Aunty P. made salted fish with tomatoes etc. and boiled some sikia figs. Mmmm, it was the first time I had the figs like that (not quite ripe, not quite fully green) and I knew it'd be awesome but sometimes when you got that one fig that was sweeter than it should have been..oh yeah. That's what you call good times, my frenemies.

We also ate chicken puffs that morning, followed by TD5, Luuuuuuiiiiiissss and I going to see awesome B Movie times Drag Me To Hell.

I. Love. Sam Raimi.

The movie was everything a Sam Raimi movie of the horror movie genre should be - fun, ridiculous, gross, cheesey and with at least one dancing candarian demon. Bruce Campbell is forgiven for not being there due to the fact that he's off doing awesome Burn Notice related things but he was missed.

I also missed Ted Raimi's cameo but not for a lack of trying. It was off-screen! Clever, Sam R. Clever indeed.

Dinner was in two parts though I ate only a litle the first time - a little bit of buss up shot and curried goat with pigeon peas that Aunty P. made for us from the day before.

Oh, that's right? Did I forget to mention that the day before we ate like amazing times? Curried goat with pigeon peas, dahlpuri AND buss up shot, curried mango (yum!), stewed chicken and channa and alloo?

2nd Dinner was Royal Castle. I really missed that place. Their chicken is great and their crinkle cut fries are still hella' awesome. CLee, I might have to abandon the KFC but not the zingers.

A little near 1 AM, we boarded our flight to NY and was met with drama on the plane. Some asshole got to his seat and scoffed at the woman and baby sitting in the row by proclaiming that he did not want to sit near "no effin' baby" (I cleaned up the language because it's horrifying to repeat as is).

Security came and kicked him off the plane after the woman rightly made a stink (and came over to sit next to my empty seat) but then they stupidly let him back on the plane citing that 'two wrongs don't make a right". Their logic was that if the woman also used obscenities then she should be kicked off the plane.

Now. How idiotic was that? She did not curse him, she cursed at the general situation and so what? She was reacting to a horrible mess of a man!

So, they let the stupid back on the plane because it was only fair in their eyes that he should be allowed to fly too.

I'm often pissed off at Trinis stupidity.

But the same applies to racist, power tripping customs officials in the US.

When we got to the U.S., and got in line for the first customs official...I knew we were in for some shit. I watched the man get up, not acknowledge he had a line of people waiting for him (ie us), go to the bathroom and disappear for 10 minutes, saunter back to his post still without acknowleding us and when he finally called us over...he was a dick.

He insulted the intelligence of flight attendants and the respectability of their jobs (you know, as if he's the shit at the airport that has the most important damned job there) and then with an assholish attitude asked Luuuiiissss if he'd ever been in the back before ie the Interrogation room because that's where he sent Luuuuiiiisssss.

It still boils my blood thinking about it.

Anyway, as mentioned, there's a bit of a gap on the details between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Friday afternoon we got on another plane for a 12-20 minute flight to the Sister Island.

Memorable Conversations:

H1 and TD5 are discussing work, and my favourite parrot Billy: ::steups::
TD5: Billy, stop steupsing.

Or 2: Ugh, do I really have to get up to go brush my teeth?
TD5: You are lazy.
Billy: ::extreme laughing::

Can you believe that parrot was laughing at me because I was called lazy?

Or 2: Did you hear what Billy does? He imitates the sound of fruit falling from the trees and hitting the ground... 'buddup'.
Mk: Umm..ookkkaaaay...
Or 2: Yeah because then the dogs go searching frantically for the 'fruit'.
Mk: ::extreme laughing::

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